Bruce Campbell as the Master?

Ok, so I haven’t been knitting, but I felt compelled to comment on this.  A friend (who shall remain nameless) called me this afternoon.  She was all in a tizzy ’cause she’d gotten some rather interesting tweets from a few friends who work at the BBC.  Apparently the word on the street (or across the pond) today was that Bruce Campbell is slated to play The Master.

I really shouldn’t have to explain who Bruce Campbell is.  I mean A) you’re visiting the blog of a HUGE geek, and B) you’re on the internet right now, so you really could just google him.  But I’m feeling generous, so I’ll point out that Bruce is the chin-tastic actor who played the bumbling-yet-sexy-and-masculine hero Ash Williams in The Evil Dead films (including Army of Darkness).  He can currently be seen on USA’s Burn Notice as lovable, sarcastic ex-Navy SEAL Sam Axe.  As a matter of fact, he recently starred in a prequel entitled Burn Notice: the Fall of Sam Axe (which I haven’t been able to watch ’cause I lack cable.)

Anyway, back to the rumor mill.  I’ll tell you straight out:  I don’t buy it.  I truly don’t believe that they’d go with an American actor for the Master again.  And much as I love Bruce (and I LOVE Bruce), I’m glad about that.  The Master works best as a quintessentially British villain (to steal a phrase from a friend and fellow Whovian).

I’m pretty sure this is just disinformation or someone playing a not-so-elaborate hoax.  No one else I spoke to had heard about this, and no one lent it any more credence than I have.  In addition, at the New York screening, Stephen Moffat related that John Simm is still very much up for continuing his run.  So I’m now officially on record as a doubter.  I hope the BBC doesn’t prove me wrong, but even if they did, hey–I’ve gotta admit it would be entertaining.  I’m speaking both of the internet firestorm at such an outrageous announcement and watching Bruce take a shot at the title–that title being “The Master.”

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