It Was a Hoax (I Win!)

If you haven’t ready yesterday’s post (Thursday, April 28th) about Bruce Campbell playing The Master, you should go do that now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So I admit it’s not much of a victory.  Bruce Campbell as The Master?  It pretty much screamed unlikely.  In capital letters.  (Yes I just said screamed in capital letters.  Sue me.)   But I did indeed get confirmation last night that it was, as I suspected, a hoax.  My friend’s associate at the BBC was simply having a laugh at my friend’s expense.  I’m not sure what would posses someone to craft that particular joke (it wasn’t even very believable), but heck–it spiced up my day a wee bit!  And really, there’s some serious value in that these days.  So thank you crazy hoaxter lady from across the pond.

Here’s hoping today is as interesting.  But perhaps in a less ridiculous and more oh-my-goodness-I’ve-just-won-the-lottery sort of way.

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