Doctor Who: The Mind Robber (Episode 4)

Hey!  My name appeared in this episode–and they pronounced it right!  I didn’t even know there was a magazine called The Ensign.  But apparently the mysterious Master wrote serials for it back on Earth.  Yes, the Doctor and company finally encounter him.  I ought to note that this “Master” bears no relation to the Doctor’s well-known arch-nemesis.

So many books!  I love this episode.  The Master has access to every word written by everyone on Earth, ever.  That’s rather an overwhelming thought actually.  But I suppose if you’re spirited away from Earth to some not-in-time-and-space never-neverland, I suppose it would be nice to have plenty to read!

Ok, there are a couple reasons I’m not 100% fond of this episode.  Seriously, if Zoe screamed one more time, I was ready to launch a knitting needle at the TV.  I think it’s probably a good thing I’m watching this episode by episode, so spread out.  I’m not sure I could take the entire story at once with her near-constant caterwauling.  Also, Gulliver was getting on my nerves.  I do think he’s supposed to a bit.  I’d probably have more patience for his character if I’d liked Gulliver’s Travels more.  I was never terribly fond of that book.  And I only read it the once, so I don’t really recognize too many of his lines.  (Did I mention that he can only speak words from the novel?  I’d probably love that gimmick if it came from something I knew better, like Shakespeare for example.)

On to the crafting section of the entry.  I got through most of another stripe.  Golly, I haven’t worked on the scarf in a while.  I really ought to keep at it more often.  I’d like to have it completed in time for Chicago TARDIS this fall.  Not sure if that’ll happen.  It probably won’t help that I also just started another project.  I haven’t sewn anything in ages, and every time I did, I had the help of my charming and talented sister.  However, for some reason, I decided to take a wild fling at whipping up a sundress–solo.  I’ll be taking my first crack at it on some cheapo red fabric I’ve had lying around for ages.  Thus, when I inevitably screw it up, I won’t have ruined any good fabric.  And if I do it right, then I can treat myself to a spiffy new print soon.  Here’s hoping!