Doctor Who: Caves of Androwhiny

Tonight was one of my every-other-Wednesday nights with D, and for our sibling bonding activity, we decided on more Doctor Who.  After enjoying The Three Doctors so much last time, we decided to delve into the realms of the good Doctor once again.  People do rave about The Caves of Androzani, so I thought that might be a good one to do next.  And…well…it was…good.

I’d forgotten just how much I disliked Peri as a companion.  I kinda thought maybe I just had some unpleasant memories that ran away from me, and perhaps people ragging on her had made me think I liked her less than I really do.  Such was not the case.  I simply can’t stand her.  And I don’t like not liking a companion.  I know some lovely people who adore her.  I’m hoping eventually some of that will rub off on me, so I can gain an appreciation for Peri, because at this point, I was rooting for her to bite it instead of the Doctor.

Story-wise, this is definitely a strong episode.  There’s a lot going on–political intrigue and machinations, android spies, lava monsters, gunfights, the list goes on.  (The most exciting moment for me was when I recognized Robert Glenister.  I positively adore him in Hustle, so I spotted him right away here.)  But for all that, I found myself being less than engrossed.  I think one thing that bothers me about this episode is that it’s a little Doctor-lite for my tastes, especially seeing how it’s Davison’s last episode.  I guess I prefer the base-under-siege type stories where the Doctor is in our face pretty much all the time, cracking wise and saving the day.

That being said, I do have to admit that the Doctor had some pretty choice lines in this episode.  I just wish he’d spent more time onscreen with even more of them.  And speaking of good lines, I should probably point out that despite my feelings for Peri, she does utter my favorite Doctor Who quotation of all time (although not in this episode): “Circular logic will only make you dizzy, Doctor.”  (Anyone who has, in the last half-decade or so, entered the ladies’ bathroom at Ella’s Bar in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin the Thursday night before the annual Trivia contest will recognize that line.  I write it on the board there every year.  It’s become a weird, geeky tradition.)

As for knitting, in the immortal words of the Muppets, I’m “movin’ right along.”  I’m done with that big daddy of a red stripe, and tonight I knocked out the little orange one after that.  Here’s a pic of it draped over the best couch in the world.

It’s clear I’m not the most even knitter in the world, but I’m not going to be too picky.  What I am going to be is tired tomorrow if I don’t get myself off to bed.  Nighty night all!

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Caves of Androwhiny

  1. Mike Huberty says:

    Don’t you mean Caves of Androhottie?

    And I love the circular logic line as well. I watched this for my birthday a couple of years back when it was on YouTube in its entirety and it’s still one of my favorites. Sharez is such a good villain and I enjoy the Doctor-lite aspects of it. I like the episodes that showcase a little bit of the alien politics. This world really feels fleshed out and I buy the motivations of all the characters, especially the Doctor, who dies not because he’s saving the world or the universe, but saving the life of a single person. It was such a noble and personal reason for the Doctor to sacrifice himself that RTD tried to do it again with “The End of Time” (too bad it provided the epilogue for such a ridiculous story, ugh.)

    Anyway, love this story. It occupies a dark, lonely corner of the Davison universe (kinda like Frontios in that respect) and feels like a fitting place for him to pass on to Colin Baker.

    The only way it could have been better is if Peri was still wearing her outfit from “Planet of Fire”!

  2. “Caves of Androhottie”? I love it. I don’t particularly agree, but that’s funny.

    And as I keep telling people, I’m glad that Peri (and this episode) bring you joy, they just leave me rather cold. Or cool at least.

    But I do get what you mean about a “dark, lonely corner” and it being a fitting place for him to pass on. I guess I can get behind that.

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