The TARDIS as Maternal Mastermind?


I’ve just been re-listening to Verity! Episode 2, and something just occurred to me.  (If you haven’t heard it yet, you probably should.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.)

Pretty good, wasn’t it?  (…she says with no false modesty…)  Anyway, on to my revelation!

Tansy points out that in “The Eleventh Hour,” it’s not so much the Doctor’s fault that Amy grows up a bit damaged, but that it’s really the fault of the TARDIS—its explosion causes the crack in Amelia’s wall, and the fact that the Doctor is 12+ years late to pick her up could be chalked up to the TARDIS as well.  Upon first hearing that, I thought it was an amusing theory.

Now that I’ve heard it again, something much more far-reaching has occurred to me.  What if that’s all true, and the TARDIS did it on purpose?  We still haven’t really learned why the TARDIS explodes, and we don’t know for sure if the Doctor mis-set the controls for his “5-minute” jaunts, but what if it really is the TARDIS, and those things are deliberate? Continue reading