The TARDIS as Maternal Mastermind?


I’ve just been re-listening to Verity! Episode 2, and something just occurred to me.  (If you haven’t heard it yet, you probably should.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.)

Pretty good, wasn’t it?  (…she says with no false modesty…)  Anyway, on to my revelation!

Tansy points out that in “The Eleventh Hour,” it’s not so much the Doctor’s fault that Amy grows up a bit damaged, but that it’s really the fault of the TARDIS—its explosion causes the crack in Amelia’s wall, and the fact that the Doctor is 12+ years late to pick her up could be chalked up to the TARDIS as well.  Upon first hearing that, I thought it was an amusing theory.

Now that I’ve heard it again, something much more far-reaching has occurred to me.  What if that’s all true, and the TARDIS did it on purpose?  We still haven’t really learned why the TARDIS explodes, and we don’t know for sure if the Doctor mis-set the controls for his “5-minute” jaunts, but what if it really is the TARDIS, and those things are deliberate?

Amy grows up to be the person she is, in great part, because of these events.  The person that she becomes travels with the Doctor, and later brings her fiancée/husband along.  Then they play in their bunk beds, and Amy gets pregnant.  Her child (River) is referred to as a “child of the TARDIS.”  What if that nickname is quite literal indeed?

Is it possible that the TARDIS engineered all of these events—set everything in motion—in order that River would eventually exist?  And if so, why?  Does the TARDIS have some maternal (or at least, parental) instinct that it wanted to play out?  Did it create a companion/lover/wife for the Doctor because it sensed that’s what he needed (or would need eventually)?  Did the TARDIS, seeing all of time at once, just know that this is how things were supposed to happen and ensure that they did?

This idea takes on even more plausibility given “The Doctor’s Wife” and the revelation that from the TARDIS’s perspective “she” stole the Doctor, and she’s the one that takes him places, rather than the other way ‘round.

I have just two words for this:  Mind. Blown.*

That said, let me be clear here: I hate this idea.  I’d like to choose not to believe it even one tiny bit.  I simply thought it was interesting and worth mentioning.  Feel free to completely disagree with me (I do!), or on the other hand, you can take this idea and run with it.  Either way, it makes for some interesting cogitating.



*Apologies to anyone who’s already had this idea—I’ve never come across it, and it just occurred to me!

7 thoughts on “The TARDIS as Maternal Mastermind?

  1. I kind of love this idea, I have to say. Can I add the theory that the TARDIS went to all this trouble PURELY so that someone would tell the Doctor he was leaving the hand brake on?

  2. Ray Adamson says:

    That is an interesting idea and makes sense in a lot of ways but i’m sure the TARDIS would have done better than bunk beds for Amy and Rory ,if it was all part of it’s plan and had become broody as well as sentient.It’s telling that even the TARDIS would never concieve a child by engineering a way to have sex with the Doctor.Intelligent enough to appreciate that would never work despite K-9’s opinion of it.I actually like the idea and find it to be worthy of consideration but i’m pretty sure the TARDIS explosion is related to the attempted murder of The Doctor at Lake Silencio on April 22.I do think the same antagonist is responsible for both events.

    • Yeah, like I said, I’m not particularly convinced by the idea myself. :) Thanks for reading and for your feedback. You make good points!

      • Ray Adamson says:

        Really wish you and the radio free skaro boys liked series six more.I thought it was some of the bravest and most playful Who , i’ve ever seen and i think it was really creative.Hope fans are more positive about it in the future and are more accepting of it’s controversial concepts.Personally i really enjoy it’s unusual story structure and crazy multiple versions of Amy Pond everywhere,despite it’s problems balancing plot and characterisation.

  3. walshcaitlin says:

    This is the first time I’ve come across this idea, so consider my mind blown as well. Sorry if I get your blog messy!

    • Hah! :D Well I’m glad, at least, that you hadn’t heard it anywhere else. I’m always afraid I’ve heard something before and then forgotten it and thought it was my own idea. In this case, I was pretty sure it sprang from my head fully-formed (like Athena from Zeus), but one can never be too sure!

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