Patreon–Your Chance to Patronize Me

tl;dr: No, I am not charging for my blog nor expecting you give me money. That said, if you want to, I’m certainly not going to discourage it!


Have you heard of Patreon*? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t, but I encourage you to check it out. It’s a really neat idea—a way for content/media-lovers to become patrons of the creators who make that content/media. Creative types who do things like songwriting, blogging, podcasting, video-creation, etc. can create an easy conduit for fans** to support their work.

I discovered Patreon while researching possible revenue streams for Verity! You see, podcasting is significantly less-than-free. For now, we’d like to avoid adding commercials to the ‘cast, and we’re NOT going to charge for the podcast*** so we’ve thought about trying something like this. It’s totally optional and not in-your-face. That’s much more the kind of thing we’re going for.

So I’m my own guinea pig! I signed up to test this thing out. Kick its tires. Take it for a spin. Other car-related metaphors.

To answer the inevitable question, no. I am not expecting to make oodles of money off my blog. I’m not reaeven expecting to make dribs and drabs of change. The simple experience of testing it out is the goal here, and I’ve achieved that nicely! Anything else is gravy. Delicious, delicious gravy.

That said, blogging is not as easy as it looks.° I usually spend at least a couple hours on any given blog post (sometimes MUCH more). Drafting, researching, editing, linking, re-editing, finding pictures, formatting, re-re-editing—these things all take time and effort! This isn’t just some lark for me. I work damn hard. So if you happen to be an eccentric billionaire (or just a regular Jane with disposable income) who enjoys my musings, by all means, hit me up with some sweet cash! Even a teensy amount would warm the cockles of my heart (and get me inches closer to a soon-to-be-very-necessary new computer for writing and podcasting purposes).

The way it works is you pledge whatever amount of dough you want for each blog post. The default is a dollar, but I checked, and it’ll let you enter less than that. So if you want to pop for 50 cents per post, that’s peachy keen. And you can set a limit on the amount you spend each month, so two bucks is your monthly limit, you won’t get charged $10 if I write 20 blog posts that month.°°

There are also rewards, and here’s where I sorta balked at first—especially when thinking about the podcast. I’m not sure I like the idea that some people get more stuff just because they happen to be in a position to spend more money. Yes, I understand the spend-more-get-more, pay-for-what-you-get model, but that’s not exactly my style. I want everyone to have pretty much the same experience, regardless of whether you want to support us. I’d rather your support comes from the bottom of your heart, because you genuinely enjoy what we do. Idealistic? Maybe, but that’s how I roll.

I’m pretty sure we won’t do any rewards if we go this route for Verity!, but I figured I should test that feature anyway, if only to see how it works. Also, the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like fun in terms of audience interaction with my blog. So I whipped up a few reward levels that are pretty basic and low-key.°°°

And there you have it. That’s Patreon, and that’s my no-pressure pitch to support my blog. Heck, if a miracle happens and I get some scratch from this, maybe I’ll actually get back to the original purpose of this darn thing and try to finish my season 18 scarf!ˆ




*Pronounced PAY-tree-on.

**No. I am not pretending that I have “fans.” That’s silly.


°At least it isn’t for me. I mean, I hope I make it look easier than it is. If not…oy. Apologies.

°°20 in a month? Never gonna happen.

°°°And they’ll mostly result in stuff that everyone can enjoy. Or at least read.

ˆThis is moderately unlikely.

3 thoughts on “Patreon–Your Chance to Patronize Me

  1. Matt Heckler says:

    Best of luck to you with this, Erika! I wish I could contribute more, but I’m glad to help just a little.

  2. Michael says:

    Please donate 12 dollars a month

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