Cross-Country Audio Geek-a-thon

Me in Van--Edmonton Move

As many of you probably already know, I am moving to Canada. As of right now, I really am moving to Canada. Like, *right now.* I’m currently in a hotel in Billings, Montana. All my worldly goods (well, most of them, anyway) are across the street in the parking ramp in my parents’ van. It’s pretty exciting, actually.

But you wanna know the best part? It’s just my mom and I. We’re taking a Fangirl Roadtrip. It. Is. Awesome.

Rarely do I have so much uninterrupted time for listening to audio entertainment, but when you’re headed from Big Bend, Wisconsin to Great Falls, Montana,* there’s not much else to do. So we’ve taken advantage of this and indulged our geekiness. It’s been one Doctor Who audio after another for us! Continue reading

What I Brought Home from Gally


I should not be writing a blog post right now. There are multiple reasons for this, but I’ll focus on the main one: Post-Con Brain Fog. Oh sure it sounds cute, but when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open for a full (okay, almost-full) work day, it’s a lot less cute.

On the other hand, I should be writing a blog post right now. I’ve been remiss of late, in part because I’ll be uprooting myself and leaving my entire (non-online) life behind,* and I’ve gotten a wee bit busy preparing for this. I need to get on the stick and get writing!

I suppose whether I should or shouldn’t write a blog post right now is moot. I am writing a blog post right now. Whoa, this has gotten entirely too meta. Moving on to some actual content… Continue reading