Cross-Country Audio Geek-a-thon

Me in Van--Edmonton Move

As many of you probably already know, I am moving to Canada. As of right now, I really am moving to Canada. Like, *right now.* I’m currently in a hotel in Billings, Montana. All my worldly goods (well, most of them, anyway) are across the street in the parking ramp in my parents’ van. It’s pretty exciting, actually.

But you wanna know the best part? It’s just my mom and I. We’re taking a Fangirl Roadtrip. It. Is. Awesome.

Rarely do I have so much uninterrupted time for listening to audio entertainment, but when you’re headed from Big Bend, Wisconsin to Great Falls, Montana,* there’s not much else to do. So we’ve taken advantage of this and indulged our geekiness. It’s been one Doctor Who audio after another for us!

We started with “The Daleks’ Master Plan.” I had no idea what to expect from this. I’ve heard such mixed reviews!** I’m happy to report that I loved it. LOVED it! It didn’t seem “neverending” to me at all. It really cooked along. We didn’t even really take breaks between episodes. (Though the very final ep had to wait until the next day because we arrived in Sioux Falls!)

I see why everyone loves Sara Kingdom so much. She truly does kick ass. But I have to admit, I liked her brother much better. Of course, it’s much more impressive and cool to have a female character who’s so progressive and self-reliant. I won’t argue with that. What I liked about Bret Vyon was his personality. He sparkled.*** He was charming, warm, and competent, and he got along really well with the Doctor and Steven. Sara was brutally efficient and cold. And she didn’t seem to *get* the Doctor. (Not that I blame her. He’s kind of obnoxious in this story. I mean, he’s awesome, but he’s really obnoxious about being so awesome.)

So yeah. Sara Kingdom does kick ass, but I wouldn’t want to hang with that chick. She’s rad for lots of reasons, but she won’t be joining my Favorite Companions list. (In fact, I’m still on the fence about whether I feel like she’s a proper companion,° but that’s another blog post!)

Next we listened to Brave New Town, episode three of Lucie Miller’s second season of Eighth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish. Mom and I both liked it, but I think I liked it more. She doesn’t really like her Who stories to start and finish all in a 45 minute period. She much prefers the way the classic series has time to develop and breathe and have lots of things happen (and lots of people die). She’s the one who picked “The Daleks’ Master Plan” after all–despite having already listened to it not that long ago! And she said she liked it even better the second time!

The next (and last, so far) one we tackled was The Sirens of Time, starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy. Three Doctors for the price of one! I really enjoyed it. So did Mom, but after the first episode she said it sounded familiar. By the end of episode two, she was certain she’d listened to it years ago! Luckily she didn’t remember it very well, so it was lots of fun for both of us. She didn’t even realize that the audios she’d heard way back when were from Big Finish. Once again, Fangirl Prime has preceded me into geekdom. I’m perfectly okay with this.

Our trip is winding down, so we may not get to much more audio. I do hope the weather cooperates with us so that we can get to at least one more! It’s hard to focus on listening when driving is stressful, so these might be the lot. I’ve gotta say, they’re a great selection, so even if this is it for our Geek-Girl-Move-a-thon, I’m pretty pleased.





*Steven is meeting us in Great Falls where we will move my possessions from my parents’ van to one he’ll rent in Edmonton. Then we go north and Mom goes home. Pretty tidy, really.

**I’m looking at you, Deb.

***He was played by Nic Courtney, so I guess he couldn’t really help it.

°There is no such thing as “a proper companion.” All the rules are silly. But oh so much fun. :)

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