Nerdsplaining (Or Think Before You Tweet)


I love nerds. And geeks. And yes, as I include myself in both those categories, I did sorta just pat myself on the back. So be it.

Sadly, we’re not always the most tactful of folks. The Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons exists (and is popular, especially among nerds) for a reason–we’re like that sometimes: know-it-alls who feel entitled to have things just the way we want them, and why can’t everyone else just see how WRONG they are?

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Doctor Who Shelf Wars (or How LEGO Trebuchets Bring out the Best in Fandom)

LEGO Trebuchet

I posted this picture on Twitter a couple days ago. It was a perfectly innocent post. I thought  living in a house with a nigh-ridiculously awesome collection of LEGO meant I owed it to the world to share the LEGOodness.* The super-fun hashtag #ISupportTrebuchets had been making the rounds among my geeky friends. I took this pic specifically to amuse those folks. It did work, but whoo-boy, did it touch off a firestorm I wasn’t prepared for!

Take a look at what followed.**

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The LEGO Movie – Mixed Feelings About a Block-Buster

Okay! Let’s get down to business! By business, I mean following through on my Patreon rewards. The requests have started to trickle in, and it’s time to get rolling. My very own spouse Steven Schapansky requested this one, which will come as a surprise to absolutely no one who knows him.


Before we go any farther, I want to give a big old SPOILER WARNING. If you haven’t yet seen The LEGO Movie, you may want to stop reading here. For one thing, I don’t really do any plot-recapping, so you might get a little lost. For another thing, I don’t hold back on talking about the film, so there’s a real possibility you’ll get spoiled. You have been warned. Continue reading