2014 – My Biggest Year Yet


Hello good readers! I almost typed “good listeners” right there, which probably gives you an idea of why I’ve been so absent here of late. My podcasting schedule got a little crazy over the last few months. I’m working on strategies to manage my time better, and I hope that 2015 brings me success with that.

This wasn’t supposed to be a 2014 wrap-up post.* I don’t really do those. Mostly because I have a terrible memory, and my brain can’t just call up nifty events that happened without some prompting. I can point to a few biggies though. My life changed more in this past year than ever before.

I moved! To a whole new** country!

That’s right. I’ve thrown over the progressive, lakey-goodness of Madison, Wisconsin for less-progressive-in-some-ways-but-more-progressive-in-others (and completely lakeless) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.*** The acclimatization period was almost disturbingly brief and easy. This is, without a doubt, where I belong right now. The ease with which I slipped into my new life here in Canada (and sharing a home with Steven) was staggering. I just fit.

Maybe at some point I’ll write a post about the differences and similarities I’ve noted, but for now it’s enough to say I’m very happy where I am. Oh, and I also got a new day job, but that’s a part of my life I like to keep relatively separate from my podcast/online life. That said, it’s the thing I do that makes all the rest of this fun stuff possible, so I’m very glad I have it!

I started a new podcast!

Yep, I decided I wasn’t podcasting enough already, so enter The Audio Guide to Babylon 5. Well, that’s not exactly true. It was more that I couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about one of my favorite shows ever with one of my favorite podcasters ever. (That would be Two-minute Time Lord’s Chip Sudderth.) And while Shannon hadn’t done much podcasting before, I’d heard her on the occasional 2MTL (and talked to her in person), so I knew she’d be great. Boy howdy was I right! Shannon regularly comes up with observations that are so incisive I’m slightly put to shame. And both she and Chip are way better than I am at pulling the continuity threads together to look at things from a big-picture standpoint. That’s definitely not my strong suit. And no, I’m not feeling sorry for myself here. My strengths lie elsewhere, which is what makes it such a great podcast. We complement each other nicely. Oh! And we take turns moderating, which has been really exciting. Those are muscles I need to build up!

I joined a new (to me) podcast!

I’ve been a panelist on The Incomparable since late in 2013, and I’ve continued that throughout 2014.° It’s really fun to podcast when someone else does all the work and all you have to do is just show up and talk. The Incomparable Radio Network has a whole raft of awesome, geeky podcasts. One of them is Total Party Kill, in which a bunch of friends play Dungeons and Dragons on the internet. How cool is that? Answer: Very Cool. And I’ve joined the crew! In 2014 I played a very dumb (but very deadly) little rogue named Flessa. I really love playing characters who are lacking in the brain department.

TPK is available wherever fine podcasts are downloaded, but it’s also available on VIDEO! Yes indeed. Each of our epic gaming sessions is on YouTube–complete with all our lovely faces and the virtual game board we use via roll20.net. 2015 brings a new character to play in a different campaign, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve spent much of this week perusing the D&D 5e PHB.°°

I started producing a new podcast!

Well, co-producing. Steven and I are teaming up on this one, and I have to tell you, producing a podcast with Steven is really, REALLY fun. We work together incredibly well. We’re both capable of handling the whole thing if needed, but our strengths complement each other. The most difficult thing has been deciding which editing program to use. (We each edit on something different for our own podcasts.)

Anyway, on to the podcast itself! My Verity! cohort Lynne and her esteemed husband Michael Damian Thomas are back in the editing game after a short hiatus. They’ve created the fabulous Uncanny Magazine, which is full of fiction, nonfiction, interviews, and fun! The podcast in question is a monthly companion to the magazine itself. Each month has a short story, a poem, and an interview!°°° The first couple have turned out great. If you haven’t already, do give it a listen and see what you think! (And if you like it, don’t be afraid to rate it on iTunes…*makes pretty-please blinky eyes*)

Okay, so maybe this did turn into a 2014 wrap-up post.ˆ I swear I didn’t mean it to. I had something else in mind entirely, but perhaps that will wait until my next post. (Which, I pledge, will come sooner this time!)





*It wasn’t supposed to be. But that’s exactly what it is. I haven’t edited this out because I find it amusing how one can set out to create one thing and end up making something completely different. And that’s not a bad thing!

**”New” is an appropriate adjective. Canada has been a country a lot less long than the US. That seems weirder than you’d think. I suppose I now know (a bit) what it’s like for someone from the UK who moves to the US.

***If you’re new here, I should explain that I met Radio Free Skaro host Steven Schapansky through his podcast and Twitter. One geek-thing led to another geek-thing, and we got married in February of 2013. In March of 2014, I finally moved to Canada to live with him!

°In fact, according to the 2014 Incomparable wrap-up episode, I came in second among the (non-Jason) panelists for most appearances in 2014!

°°Now there’s a bit of alphabet soup that gets my geek blood a-pumpin’! In case you didn’t understand all of that, here’s what it means: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons. 5e refers to the fifth edition rules, which just came out in 2014. (So far it looks pretty good. Everything I’ve heard about it so far points to it being an improvement over 4e.) Last, PHB = Player’s Handbook. I’m not sure why “handbook” rates two letters, but that’s what I’ve always heard it called.

°°°Note: This is just a general plan. We may shake things up as time goes on, but for the most part, you’ll get at least one of each of those things.

ˆLet me point out, I created the art for this post (and titled it) after I’d written it and realized this.

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