Lazy Doctor Who – A New Podcast!

Lazy Doctor Who Art

No, those are not my feet and not my socks, but I do have some socks very much like them. This picture does, however, refer to my new podcast, Lazy Doctor Who. “Our” new podcast, I should say. Steven and I have started our own Doctor Who podcast. It was inevitable, really. Two podcasters living together, both loving the same show, it was only a matter of time. Maybe the world doesn’t need another Doctor Who podcast. Maybe Steven and I don’t need to do another podcast, but gosh darn it, it’s fun! And it’s a wonderful way to spend some quality time together.

When we decided to move in together, it was a given we’d embark upon what Paul Cornell calls “the pilgrimage”–watching all 50+ years of Doctor Who from beginning to end. We had to put it off a while because of Steven’s other podcast, The Memory Cheats. The conceit of that lovely little show was that he and his cohost Josh talked about classic Who stories from memory. Rewatching those eps with me would be cheating on The Memory Cheats. Now that he and Josh have completed their run (congrats guys!), Steven is free to watch with me!

When we started talking about the pilgrimage, we were excited. Steven was particularly happy to watch a show at our own pace, without having to blog or podcast about it. When he said that, I silently pined. Watch a tv show (Doctor Who in particular) and not podcast about it? Is that even allowed?

So I started plotting.

I came up with a low-pressure idea I thought Steven might go for. What if we did podcast about it, but with no rules? We could watch whenever we felt like it (and only then), talk about whatever we’d watched in a night (be it a single episode or a whole passel), and record immediately after watching, together in the same room. No editing. No theme song. Nothing fancy. Just the two of us chatting about whatever we’d seen. It’d be quality time for a still-practically-honeymooning couple!

As you can see, he went for it! He was even more on board when the inestimable Jason Snell offered to host our show on The Incomparable Network. I’ve loved being part of The Incomparable family as a panelist on The Incomparable, Total Party Kill, Game Show (and more!). I couldn’t be happier to make Lazy Doctor Who the newest member of that family.

So pop on over to our swanky new home page at The Incomparable. Or you can get there by typing into your browser of choice. I hope you enjoy listening even half as much as we enjoy doing it!

And no, I don’t mention this as my “happy thing” on tomorrow’s Verity! Oops! We recorded this week’s Verity! before Steven and I recorded the first ep of LDW. We really are doing this by the seats of our pants–thus the rather haphazard launch with a minimum of pomp and circumstance. We’re living up to our name in every way.

And that’s just how we like it.

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