I’m in Another Book!

You and Who Contact Has Been Made Vol 2

That’s right! When it rains, it pours, apparently, and it’s pouring Doctor Who goodness at the moment. The excitement of seeing my name (and words I wrote!) in print in Companion Piece hasn’t even worn off yet, and here’s another opportunity to experience that thrill.

You and Who: Contact Has Been Made – Volume 2 has just been released. It’s the second volume in a series that looks at Doctor Who story-by-story. I can almost hear you saying “another book about Doctor Who?” Well first of all, I’m not sure there is such a thing as too many books about Doctor Who. There are as many interesting things to be said about the show as there are people to say them. And that is precisely why I’m so thrilled to be a part of this particular book. You and Who is aptly named, as it’s about the viewer as much as it is about the show itself. Each essay is personal, and rather than simply reviewing the story, relates an anecdote or covers an event from the author’s life—something that expresses why that story means so much to that viewer. It’s truly a book about peoples’ relationship with their beloved show, and I find that incredibly interesting.

I’ve been fascinated by Doctor Who since I was about five. I’ve been fascinated with Doctor Who fandom since I discovered its existence (about five years ago). It was life-changing to discover this community of other people who also loved this show that’s been a part of my life for so long. Life-changing, and for a while, mind-boggling. In fact, it still throws me for a loop sometimes when I think about how commonplace Doctor Who fandom has become. Even now, I’m not quite used to having people know what I’m talking about when I tell them what my favorite show is. So a book like this is perfect for me. I look forward to digging into it and reading about how other people connect to this thing I love so much.

Oh, and before I forget, I should mention 100% of the royalties go to charity–Children in Need, to be precise.

My contribution is an essay on the 11th Doctor story “Hide”. If you recall my exuberant gushing on Verity!, I’m a big fan of that story—especially the experience of watching it for the first time. In writing this essay, I had the opportunity to examine why it hit me so perfectly and profoundly. If you’re curious about those reasons, I recommend you pick up a copy of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made – Volume 2.

Actually, pick one up even if you’re not. There are lots of great personal stories in there (including one about An Adventure in Space and Time by my very own spouse Steven). I bet at least one resonates with you.

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