CONvergence Conversation


I’ve been jonesing for some con-goodness, and I’m about to scratch that itch in a big way! This Thursday I fly away to the southern climes* of Minnesota for CONvergence. I’ve never been before, but I’m pretty excited! It’s not as big a con as Dragon*Con (which I’ve attended twice) or SDCC (which I’ve never attended), but it’s much larger than the Doctor Who conventions I frequent. It’s in the neighborhood of 7,000 people, so it’s roughly twice the size of my beloved Gally.

One thing it has in common with Gally: CONvergence is a fan-run convention. That’s a huge part of the reason I’m so excited to go. I enjoy the big media conventions as well, but there’s something about the atmosphere at a fan-run con that you just don’t get anywhere else. They’re built from the ground up on love–love for stories, books, movies, TV, comics, science, history, and a zillion other things. The amount of work that goes into running a convention is downright staggering. So many people donate their time (and money) to make a con happen, it blows my mind. I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for those who do it.

I’ve heard from many folks that CONvergence is a jewel among conventions. I keep hearing about how warm and enthusiastic the atmosphere is. I can’t wait to find out for myself! As it’s my first time, a warm, inviting atmosphere is just what I need. (Though I also like that it’s a big enough con that I can just wander and be faceless and blend into the crowd if I need to do that for a while.)

In addition to soaking up the atmosphere, I’ll be on a few panels! If you’re going to be at the con, please come and say hello! (Seriously. I’m going spouseless this time, and I only know a few people there.) Check out my fancy online schedule to see what I’ll be up to! One thing I want to call out specifically is the Space Unicorn Dance Party! Some of the Uncanny Magazine staff will be at the con to celebrate our editors-in-chief/publishers’ 15th wedding anniversary. I’m hoping tons of people join us to dance the night away! Michael and Lynne are two people who make me very happy, and I thank my lucky stars that I met them. I thank my lucky Space Unicorn that I get to work with them every month on Uncanny.

If you won’t be there, please wish me luck. Attending a new con is always a little nerve-wracking. I expect I’ll meet a lot of new people (including the three folks I’m sharing a hotel room with!), and I hope to make a good impression. Imposter syndrome begone! Fun times, to me!





*I get to say that now. #smugEdmontonian

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