Webcomics – Prehistoric Edition

Dinosar Comics 1

I recently stumbled across my notes from an Incomparable episode we recorded way back in 2014. I thought I’d pull them together and flesh them out to make a series of blog posts because web comics are cool goshdarnit! Check out my posts on Sluggy Freelance, Questionable Content, and The Order of the Stick!

Dinosaur Comics

Dinosaur Comics is the brain child of Ryan North. He’s Canadian! But that’s not why I like the comic. I like it because it’s funny and inventive. Every strip uses the same artwork, so you might think it’s not exactly a haven for creativity. Au contraire! Being constrained by the form has made Ryan stretch to find other ways of making it interesting. And boy howdy, does he succeed.

There are always at least 3 characters, T-Rex, Dromiceiomimus, and Utahraptor. The humor (usually) comes from the dialogue. T-Rex is a “cool dude” with a kind heart and maybe not the most brains. He uses the F word a lot, but his F-word is “Frig”. Dromiceiomimus is a nice female dinosaur who seems pretty down-to-earth. (They’re exes who are still friends, I think.) Utahraptor often one-ups T-Rex or deflates his ego-based silliness. Utahraptor is gay. And may possibly have (or have had) a thing for T-Rex.

God, the devil, Shakespeare, and a few others “appear” in the comic, but by appear I mean speak from off-panel, because as I said, the artwork doesn’t change.

There are a few easter eggs with each strip—two of which I only found out about when I was preparing for the Incomparable episode! The one I already knew about is that you can mouse-over to read the title-tag (like in XKCD). The next, I discovered when I was looking on Wikipedia. It’s in the subject line of the “Contact” email address each day. And the third is on the archive page. I didn’t know about the archive page at all until I stumbled upon it when I started cramming Dinosaur Comics for the ep.* Of course, that instigated a battle with my OCD tendencies. I do NOT need to go back and re-read ALL the comics just to read all the Easter eggs. –At least not unless I get some terrible illness or have some accident that leaves me bedridden for a while. Is it bad that I kinda wish that’d happen sometimes just so I can have time to read stuff and listen to podcasts? Yeah. I guess that’s pretty bad. Ok, wish retracted!

As always, I’m interested in hearing about the other webcomics I should be checking out.*** I’ve got a couple more posts on the docket, and I’m pretty sure there are more than just those two out there that would speak to me as a reader. Lay ’em on me!





*Admittedly there are a few deviations from this, but not many, and it’s been going pretty much daily since February of 2003, so that’s a lot of constrained webcomic amusement.

**As I mentioned back in my first webcomics post, I have a tendency to let them sit for a while before binging on several months (or years) at a time.

***Note: I may require a TARDIS to make that feasible. There are not enough hours in the day. But hey, toss them at me. Never know when I might find the time!

One thought on “Webcomics – Prehistoric Edition

  1. Andre Tessier says:

    Try Leftover Soup. Added bonus? Only done thrice a week! Shorter backlog.

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