Kickstarting a Long-Neglected Skill

Uncanny Mag KS Pic

I’m going to start at the end. The pic above is from the latest fundraising video I’ve put together. I’ve written before about how proud I am to be on the staff for Uncanny Magazine. And right now we’ve got a Kickstarter going to fund Year Two of the magazine. There are some awesome stretch goals we’re still hoping to hit, so please take a look! This video is “the end” because it’s the most recent of the very few videos I’ve produced in the last several years. The opportunity to use these skills again is just one more reason I’m grateful to Uncanny.

Dusting off old skills is a weird thing. I hesitate to use the phrase “it’s like riding a bicycle” because it’s been so long since I’ve ridden a bicycle, I suspect I’d fall right off if I tried. When it comes to video editing, however, I am happy to report that I didn’t fall on my face. In fact, the experience was more like riding swiftly downhill on a beautiful day. Okay. I’m getting sick of this metaphor. Let’s just say I remembered more than I expected and had much more fun than I imagined I would.

As you may know, my bachelor’s degree is in Communication Arts with a concentration in Radio, TV, and Film. I focused heavily on the video production side of things—taking as many production classes as I could (both in the studio and out). I even did a couple semesters of independent study for credit—producing (and co-starring in) a movie-review show for the local cable access channel.*

After I graduated, I discovered how little the local TV stations paid. I was offered a job at $6/hr. No thank you. I preferred to eat. So I ended up bouncing from one admin assistant job to another for quite a while. I did record and edit weddings briefly—then I remembered how much I dislike weddings, so it didn’t last long. I stuck my camera on a shelf and ignored my editing programs. All that production knowledge lay fallow for a Very Long Time.

Podcasting re-ignited my passion for editing. When I started doing Verity!, I bought a cheap new editing program, and I figured I’d get one that handles video too, just in case. Good thing I did, because when I started the Patreon page for this blog, I decided to include a video. Here’s the first video thingie I did after nearly a decade of letting my skills atrophy:

Not great, but better than I expected after so long! And the euphoria I felt getting the creative juices flowing was quite heady. The process of creation and the feeling of having created was a rush I’d forgotten!

Even so, I did nothing with it again for a long time. So thank goodness for Patreon (again). When we launched a Patreon for Uncanny Magazine, it was video time once again! I stepped up to do the editing for that, and it was just as much fun as ever. I’ve always loved working with images and voice-overs, and this was a perfect opportunity for that. Take a look:

And that brings us back around to the video I mentioned at the top of this post. The Kickstarter vid was an extra challenge because its purpose is similar to that of the Patreon vid, but we didn’t want to completely repeat everything. I’d like to think I achieved what I set out to do–create something similar, but with its own feel, that’s shorter and punchier.

I love that the video work I’ve done lately is all in the cause of supporting creators who work damn hard at what they do.** I like the feeling that my efforts might help in some small way. What a great reason to blow the dust off that part of my brain!

Does this mean I’m about to jump back into video-production as anything more than a very-occasional hobby? Probably not. But anything’s possible. Heck, if you need a video produced for a reasonable rate, hit me up!





*I wonder if my cohost from that show would have a fit if I posted some of those old eps to YouTube. Of course, the powers that be might pull them right down for copyright infringement. Our show was called Girls on Film, and we used the Duran Duran song as our opening credits music.

**There’s also a very Midwestern/Canadian part of me that feels weird about all these videos asking for money. I’m working very hard to remember it’s okay to get paid for doing work. Art requires effort. There’s nothing shameful in making it possible to be compensated for that effort!

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