When Sickness Leads to (Mental) Health

lemon tea

I’m sick. I have whooping cough.* And it sucks. But as always, I’m looking for the bright side.** And there is one here. Because in my desperation to feel better, I stumbled onto something kinda neat. One of those minor eye-opening experiences that can brighten up an otherwise mucky day.

My throat’s rubbed raw from all the coughing, so I wanted something hot and soothing. I’m trying to avoid coffee because caffeine and I Do Not Get Along (and the decaf at work is rubbish).*** I’m not generally a big fan of tea/herbal infusions, but I needed something. One of the choices was lemon “tea”. Lemon is supposed to be good for throats, so I thought I’d try it, despite the fact I don’t like fruity teas.

So I brewed it up, and you know what? I liked it! It’s not like my new favorite or anything, but I really quite enjoyed it. The combination of hot and fruity that I’d disliked so much when I was younger was now delightful. I’d’ve never tried this kind of drink again if not for my sore throat, so I think this definitely qualifies as bright-side territory. It’s easy to get stuck in a mental rut where you think you know everything there is to know about yourself. It lifted me up to realize that’s not the case.

This is a nice reminder to give things a try from time to time, even when I think I know what I think. Reminds me of when my mom discovered she liked cheesecake about 10 years ago. She hates cream cheese and most foods that are creamy and white (mayo, sour cream, tartar sauce, etc.). So she thought she hated cheesecake. A friend brought a homemade cheesecake over for dessert once, and Mom was too polite to turn down a small piece.

SHE LOVED IT. Like, REALLY loved it. She spent the next few months kicking herself for spending so many decades not eating cheesecake because of an assumption (and trying as many different varieties of cheesecake as she could find).

I don’t want to miss out on my own next lemon tea/cheesecake. Now I can’t wait to go re-try something else “I don’t like”. Hooray for delicious discoveries!






*Which for a while they thought was bronchitis. Seems the antibiotics used to treat the two are the same, so I’m supposedly covered. Anyway, I recommend double-checking to see if you’ve had your pertussis booster. I thought I had, but seems that was longer ago than I thought. Boo.

**And by bright side, I don’t mean the color of the gunk I’ve been coughing up, even if it does qualify.

***We have one of those machines that makes a cup at a time from a little pouch. It’s named after a High Chancellor from Gallifrey.

6 thoughts on “When Sickness Leads to (Mental) Health

  1. tansyrr says:

    When your throat is sore, a really nice hot drink is just to squeeze half a lemon over a spoonful of honey and pour hot water over it – it’s like all the best cough drops in the world rolled into one! I hate the taste of honey most of the time but this always makes me feel better when I’m sick (especially as I don’t like milky things when I have a cold).

    Also if you can find it, any variant of Turkish apple tea is amazing – it’s not really tea, more of a tisane I think, oh who am I kidding, it’s basically sour apple-flavoured sugar but you pour hot water over it and it tastes amazing. A friend of mine got hooked on it when trying to wean himself off the 8th cup of coffee a day in the postgrad office, and I always try to have a box of it in the house. There’s a pink version I used to make for my daughters when they needed “rosy tea” for tea parties.

  2. L. M. Myles says:

    Ha! I know this well – I have half a glass of milk every 5-10 years just to check if I still don’t like it. I’ve been quite successful with veggies though! Broccoli and peas got back on the menu this past year.

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