Big Announcement? Big Delay!

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So according to the Doctor Who Official Twitter feed, there’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming from the BBC about Doctor Who. Is anyone else having flashbacks to when they had an ICONIC announcement that turned out to be…not-so-iconic? And the fact they keep saying it’s coming soon–or as soon as they can? Makes it look like they don’t have all their ducks in a row. I find it rather irritating. I’m all for good news, but it irks me when they start teasing something they’re not ready to go ahead with. I like it better when the marketing engine behind my favorite show looks like they have their shit together.

Anyway, the speculation on Twitter has been something delightful to behold. From the truly ridiculous to the…well, to the truly ridiculous! My gut-reaction guess was that David Tennant is going to guest in an episode. (This follows along with some speculation about how we may find out why the 12th Doctor has the same face as an ancient Roman.) But in my heart, I hope it’ll be something about missing episodes. I have no good reason to think that’ll be it, but the delay does make me suspect it’s something more involved than a mere casting announcement.

If the announcement isn’t going out as early as originally planned (which seems to be the case), there’s gotta be a reason. What’s happening (or not happening) behind the scenes that isn’t fully prepped? I suppose it could be a casting announcement, and they’re just waiting on all the pretty pictures to accompany the tweet/press release? Or maybe it is missing episodes, and they’re trying to get them ready for release on iTunes (or iPlayer)? Or perhaps there’s a nifty new web short that’s taking longer than expected to be ready for worldwide viewing?

Regardless of what the announcement finally is, at this point I’m just as curious about why it’s taking so long to tell us!

(By the time many of you read this, the news will already be out there. I hope it’s amazing [and not totally underwhelming] and you’re still celebrating! Three cheers for Doctor Who!)

10 thoughts on “Big Announcement? Big Delay!

  1. I WANT MISSING EPISODES! If it’s anything other than that, I’m no longer a fan.


    Okay, not really. They’re certainly making a big deal of it though, so I really hope it’s worth it!

    • Erika Ensign says:

      Heh. I will say that I can’t imagine anything else that would live up to the “MASSIVE” language they keep using.

      • Right! The fact that they used that word makes me think it really is something special. What’s the “iconic” one you mentioned though?? Clearly it wasn’t that amazing if I don’t remember it. :p

      • Erika Ensign says:

        When they announced Richard E. Grant was going to be in “The Snowmen”, they kept saying “iconic”. REG is cool and all, but I’d’ve never used “iconic” for that announcement. Folks were joking about that for a while afterwards.

      • Wow, I don’t even remember that. I agree though – definitely not that big of an announcement. :p

  2. Dylan Vega says:

    I don’t think there’s any problem behind the scenes, this is just how marketing works now: an announcement of an announcement. According to Blogtor Who, it’s coming on 11 pm UK time.

    They did the same thing when Enemy and Web came back, they annonced it at midnight but began teasing it hours before.

    PS: I’m enjoying the speculation as much as you are. Worth it just for that. :P

    • Erika Ensign says:

      You may be right, but I’ve heard a couple of different times bandied about. And they keep getting later. Did that happen with Enemy and Web too? I remember the build-up. I don’t remember the specifics.

      Regardless, if it was always planned for 11pm, then I *really* think they need some work on their planning. That’s not a great time for an announcement about a family show! And their tweets were saying “soon”. I don’t think 11pm qualifies as soon, given when they first started tweeting about it.

      But yes! The speculation is DELICIOUS.

    • Enemy and Web was almost worse because they had that viewing event with Frazer and Debbie, which was embargoed, and then all sorts of speculation swirled. I remember midnight was an important time for when the episodes were released, but I don’t recall any other specific times associated with that one. Whatever’s happening in this case, let’s make it happen soon!!! :D

  3. Thanks for posting about this! I echo your sentiments and frankly, don’t like being so distracted at work. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time to spread the world to the various Twitter/tumblr/Facebook/Instagram spheres to get attention. Oh well!

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