Job Interviews – Yay or Yikes?


Yesterday I started my job search in earnest. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but I suppose “getting a job” could be considered one. And one I really need to carry out, at that!

A nearly-inescapable facet of job-hunting is the dreaded interview process–or, in my case, not-so-dreaded. Interviewing is my favorite part of the job-search process. I honestly love interviews.

Why? My joke answer is always, “I get to sit in a room for an hour and talk about myself. What’s not to like?” But the truth is more nuanced. What I really like is not so much talking about myself as it is talking about something I know. I love chatting about a subject where I feel like an expert. This is why I love podcasting so much–especially about Doctor Who. I know a lot about it, so talking about it is fun.

In a job interview, no one in the room is more knowledgeable about the subject than I am because I am the subject. (I do recognize an interview is not only for talking about myself. There’s work to do on my part learning about the company, its needs, and the position to be filled. And that’s its own kind of fun.)

On the other hand, the person on the opposite side of the table is knowledgeable about the company and the position itself. Just as I like to talk about things I know well, I like to talk to people about things they know well. (This also makes podcasting fun.) So a job interview is win-win. I can tell them about me. They tell me about the job and the business.

This is exactly how it’s supposed to work, really. I hope there are some good real-world examples in my future. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Job Interviews – Yay or Yikes?

  1. realismbites says:

    Good luck! I have to start looking myself soon and I hope I can muster up your level of optimism.

  2. Flossie Peterson says:

    Keep your confidence! One time when you were about 4, I was driving with you and your two younger siblings. Dylan, about 2, exclaimed “There’s a flock of cows!” You sweetly explained, “No, Dylan. We say it is a HERD of cows.” I jumped in with, “When we use the word FLOCK we mean a flock of birds.” You thought for a minutes with furrowed brow, then said, “But Grandma, what do we call a bunch of sheep?” Which shows that you have always figured things out very well.

  3. karen says:

    And I remember opening a set of glasses received as a wedding present to which you, at age 2 I believe, said. “Oh they’re goblets!” And indeed they were.

    • Erika Ensign says:

      I still love goblets. I occasionally drink fruit juice out of wine glasses (or almond milk out of champagne flutes) just because I can. Being a grownup is fun sometimes. :)

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