Gally One Here I Come!

Gally 27

As this publishes, I am at the airport and will soon be winging my way toward sunny LA and my favorite weekend of the year: Gallifrey One! It’s the largest fan-run Doctor Who convention in the whole wide world, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s also the best.* Whether you like to see panels, get photos/autographs, watch interviews, cosplay, buy merch, play games, or just drink booze and chat with your friends in the lobby or by the pool,** this con has something for everyone.

Personally, that last item is the one I look forward to most, with the first item coming in a close second. For me, Gally feels like an annual homecoming. It’s the people who make it so special. I look forward to seeing my Who family every year, so catching up is job #1, and watching those folks be all smart and eloquent on panels is next. This year some friends are doing interviews with the pros, so that’s another thing to look forward to!

As for me, here are the things I’ll be doing at Gally this year:

Doctor Who Comics: The Year in Review (Does what it says on the tin.) – 7:00 pm Friday

Ninth Symphony (Covering my beloved series 9.) – 11:00 am Saturday

Verity! Podcast Meet-Up (So excited to meet listeners–and we’ll have swag as long as it lasts!) – 12:00 pm Saturday

Andy Pryor Interview (On the main stage! So thrilled to talk to this casting director extraordinaire.) – 1:00 pm Sunday

Verity! Podcast’s “In Defense Of” (Can’t wait to do this again. Always riotous fun to see our audience in action!) – 2:00 pm Sunday

Note: This only includes the items I’ll be participating in. I’ll be attending plenty more events–pretty much all of which will be determined by which of my pals is on stage at any given time.

My favorite thing about this year’s con before I’ve even arrived is their use of Sched. I was able to search for all my friends in the Panelists section and add their panels to “My Sched”. Now I have a list of all the stuff I want to go to! (Of course, I usually only make it to about a third of the panels I intend to see because I get caught up in Gally magic and end up chatting or eating or chilling. I am 100% okay with this.)

So that’s what I’ll be doing the next few days. If you comment here (or on the Verity! site), there might be a delay in comment moderation because I won’t be tied to my email as tightly as usual. Things will be back on track when I get home. And recover.

Hope you all have a fab weekend whatever it is you’re doing!





*And that’s saying something, because I’ve attended some other really phenomenal DW cons these past few years.

**This is not a comprehensive list of what Gally has to offer. There is much, much more.

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