Resettling In


As I posted earlier today, I’m just home from a week-long vacation in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. After all that time surrounded by natural beauty, warm temperatures, a sprawling luxury vacation home, and my loving family, it was a bit of a shock to get home to a city that’s not-terribly-far above freezing and a smallish apartment that’s strangely not filled with people laughing.

To combat this shock, I’ve been collecting little things all day–little things that make me glad to be home. I’m sharing them here, in part, so I can look back at this later to remind myself why I love living where I do. And I do love it here, but I’m sure eventually a day will come when these reminders will be handy. Perhaps it’ll remind you of some things you like about your home too.

Our own bed – This was a surprise to me. Our mattress here at home really kinda sucks. It’s rather old, and dips uncomfortably where the bodies go, so there’s a ridge in the middle. I’ve been wanting to save up for a new mattress for a while, but that’s on hold until I find a new job. Anyway, the worst part about the vacation house we stayed in was the lousy bed in our room. It was supposed to be a queen, but it seemed smaller. And the mattress was terrible. It felt trampoline-ey, as if I was in danger of bouncing off if I moved wrong in the night. And it transferred movement even better than our bed here (which is Very Not Great for that), so I didn’t get a great night’s sleep the whole time we were there. Nearly every time Steven moved, I woke up startled. So yeah, our bed here may not be the best, but last night it felt like heaven.

My electric toothbrush – When I travel, I don’t bother bringing my fancy Oral-B toothbrush along. It’s extra bulk, and then I need to find a place to plug it in to keep it charged. I figure I can handle the manual labor of moving my arm back and forth for a few days when I’m away from home. But boy, when I get back, do I realize how much I miss it. It’s like a bracing massage on my gums every morning. It’s probably the thing that makes me feel the most “waked-up”–even more than taking a shower. Definitely happy to be back to that little luxury every day.

Plucking my eyebrows – This might sound like a strange one, but it’s legit. I mean, I could pluck while I’m on vacation. I do bring tweezers, but when I try to relax, I take a break from as many little personal-upkeep tasks as I can. A relaxing trip with my family gives me no reason to go to those lengths, so I didn’t. Anyway, by the time I got home, I had quite a few little dark eyebrow hairs poking through my nearly-translucent eye-skin, and what a delightful few minutes I had yanking those suckers out. I get such a sense of accomplishment from plucking. It feels like a teeny victory each time. It’s a wonder I have any eyebrows at all. And no, it doesn’t hurt. I seem to remember maybe it did the first few times I plucked, way back in the dawn of time, but perhaps I’ve done it so often those nerves have just given up. Now it’s simply a joy to uproot and eradicate.

Our favorite Indian restaurant – I’ve saved the best for last here. We had some fairly good food while in Sedona (the best of it we grilled ourselves on the patio by the pool), but since I’ve moved to Edmonton, I’ve discovered the magic that is Indian food. Edmonton has a large population of immigrants from India, and we have a plethora of excellent restaurants to choose from as a result. Our favorite (I say “our” because Steven started going there regularly years before I moved here) is one of a local chain called New Asian Village. We’ve been to nearly every location, and they’re all delicious, but the one on the south side of town is the one we think is best. (It’s in the neighborhood that’s most densely populated with Indian immigrants, so perhaps that’s not a surprise.) It’s a 20-minute drive for us (much farther away than several of the other locations), but we make the trek often. I don’t think I’ve ever been a “regular” at a restaurant before. It’s nice to walk in and have the servers recognize and greet you, know what drinks you want, and occasionally bring a special, extra, not-on-the-buffet dish to your table every now and then. We “celebrated” being home today with a trip to NAV this afternoon, and my tummy is still happy.

I plan to keep noticing happy-making things throughout the week. After a trip as nice as this one was, I can use all the little home-happys I can get.

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