There’s a patron-inspired post I’ve been putting off writing. For a long time. A very long time. Why? Because it terrifies me. Okay, “terrifies” is a strong word. Maybe it just intimidates me. Yeah. That’s it.*

Brandee is one of my favorite people in the world. Like several other of my favorite people in the world, she’s a librarian, and when she started supporting me on Patreon, she requested a post on libraries or librarians. I love libraries. And librarians. So, in a way, it’s a match made in heaven. However, I’m far from the first person to write a blog post about the glory/importance of libraries.

That’s what’s so intimidating. Knowing what I write is following (and thus, may be compared to) the likes of Neil GaimanThe Bloggess, John Scalzi, and many many others? That gives me the impostor-syndrome shakes.** Which, I suppose, makes this post a bit of a two-in-one for me. One, I get to write about something I feel passionately about. Two, I’ve been trying to get over all the emotional hurdles that keep me from writing more often.*** The best way to tackle them is to borrow Nike’s phrase and “just do it.”

So this is me getting over myself and recognizing anything I say here (or anywhere) has probably already been said by someone else. It’s probably been said better. But you know what it hasn’t been said like? Me. I’m the only one who can write this (or any) post from my own unique perspective.

It’s embarrassing how often I have to remind myself of this, but I’ll keep reminding myself, again and again, until it sticks and I stop worrying about putting more useless noise out there onto the internet. If people don’t want to read it, they don’t have to. And maybe one of the few people who does read it will find something meaningful they didn’t find elsewhere.

It’s totally antithetical to my humble, Midwestern-turned-Canadian mindset to even consider that possibility. It feels egotistical, and therefore bad and wrong. However, that’s exactly the kind of mindset I’m trying to kick.

Yes, there’s a bunch of crap on the internet. But so what? Some of that crap can be mine.





*No, this is not that post. That’ll come soon. I hope.

**I am not literally shaking. Only in the proverbial in-my-boots sense.

***These are the same emotional hurdles that keep me from doing all kinds of things. So leaping them (or knocking them down) is a Big Deal.

2 thoughts on “Post-crastination

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