3 New Favorite Things


This past weekend I headed to the States for Chicago TARDIS, which was (as always) a lot of fun! Above, you see one of my new favorite things–a drawing of me on stage during the Verity! live show. The amazing Lewis Achenbach was stationed at the front of the main stage, and he drew lots of the goings-on. And yes! We were on the main stage for our live show!

Lynne and I are playing Game Show Hosts!

Lynne and I, playing Game Show Hosts!

While the recording didn’t turn out, we had a wonderful time making audience members defend some of the most-maligned aspects of Doctor Who. They stepped up in a fabulous way. Steve was the final winner, but I give very-honourable-mentions to Matt and Dora, who both had spectacular runs and made me laugh so hard I was literally crying.

And here is my other new favorite thing:

My Hugo Award!

Yes! That’s my name on a Hugo Award!

We played the throne room theme from Star Wars as Lynne presented Steven and I with our Hugos for Best Semiprozine for Uncanny Magazine! It was more intense than it looks.

I cried.

I cried.

I am still in shock about this. Winning was amazing, but it was a thing that didn’t feel real–or even possible. Holding that rocket ship in my hand made it real–or as real as my brain is capable of letting it be. Honestly, I’ve treated the statue a bit like a shy cat treats any new object or room. I am legitimately skittish around my it. Steven held onto his much of the night, but I set mine down almost immediately. It’s a thing that I never thought would/could happen, and even though it has, my brain won’t accept it.

Steven has made it his goal to make me feel comfortable with winning a Hugo. He kept randomly handing it to me over the weekend, and now that we’re home, he puts it in unexpected places so I’ll be forced to look at it. In fact I just turned around to find both of our rockets behind me! Maybe if I turn around and find a Hugo often enough, it’ll eventually feel normal.


I didn’t think I was one to be much afflicted by impostor syndrome. But I just can’t wrap my head around this one. I really feel like someone’s gonna come and take it away from me. And I’ll be okay with that because I don’t feel like I deserve it.

On a more comfortable-for-my-brain note, we also got our Parsec awards for the Uncanny Magazine Podcast!

I admit, I didn't cry for this one.

I admit, I didn’t cry for this one.

Parsec Awards are pretty darn cool too. They’re shooting stars! The Parsecs are given for speculative fiction podcasting, and Uncanny Magazine Podcast won for Best Anthology or Magazine Podcast. I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work we’ve all done on the podcast. It’s been a real team effort by a group of people I’m honored to call both colleagues and friends.

4 thoughts on “3 New Favorite Things

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