TPK Microfic – Flessa’s Twine

While I was carving a chicken yesterday, my mind was wandering, and I came up with this little scene for one of my Total Party Kill characters. If you listen to the “Dragonforge and Associates” seasons of the podcast, this will make perfect sense. If you don’t, here’s where to start!


Flessa sits on a beanbag chair in the corner, making complicated cat’s cradles with a piece of thin twine. Occasionally she tosses one pattern into the air and catches it in a different pattern on her fingers.

RISWYNN: Flessa, be careful with that twine. If it lands wrong, you could strangle yourself.

FLESSA (brightly): You can’t strangle someone with this kind of twine. It’s too thin. It’ll break!

A beat

FLESSA: Boss? Do you have any thicker twine?

RISWYNN: *facepalm*

MELECH: *starts searching his bag for thicker twine*

I thought I’d written a post about Flessa, but looks like I haven’t? Maybe I’ll change that. Closest I could find was this post about the campaign as a whole.