WFH – Day Thirty One

It takes forever to shut down.

Not a whole lot has changed about my WFH routine since days one, two, and eight.


The big thing is I now have a drawer. Steven suggested I put my work laptop away and out of site instead of just closing it and sliding it out of the way to slide my personal laptop into its place. Turns out I had an empty drawer right next to me, so now when I’m done for the day I put away the laptop and the adapter that lets me plug into my external monitor. It’s nice ’cause they never catch my eye and remind me of worky work stuff when it’s not worky work time.

I’m really quite settled in, and I’m slowly switching over to the phase where I dread having to someday go back into the office. That doesn’t seem imminent, so I’m trying not to think about it much. Yet.

I hope whatever your situation is that you’re weathering it as well as can be hoped.