Who Am I?

Hi folks. I’m Erika, a geeky gal who started this blog when I undertook the task of knitting the Doctor Who season 18 scarf (the purple/orange/red chenille one). The idea was, as I knitted I’d watch properly geeky tv and movies, then blog about it.

What actually happened was I slacked off in the knitting department, but still wanted to write about random things. Now you’ll find a varied and desultory collection of geektastic musings, but rather little about knitting.  I hope they entertain you.* And if they don’t, well, they’re entertaining me at least.

I’m also a podcaster!

You can find me on twitter @HollyGoDarkly. It’s my favorite place to hang out.




*If they do happen to entertain you, and you’re into patronage and crowdfunding, my Patreon site may be relevant to you.


One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Derek Gladu says:

    Hello! My name is Derek Gladu, a co-host and producer for Soundonsight.org, a film and television review website. I stumbled upon your blog through the twitterverse, and I really enjoy your work, even though I am a hopelessly irredeemable Pertwee fan.

    For more than a year now we have been reviewing both New and Classic Doctor Who, and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience so far as The Whoniverse is generally as nice as I hoped it would be.

    We have been looking for a special guest host to help us review the upcoming 2012 Christmas Special and we are wondering if you would be interested in joining us in a little Whovian cross pollination. I understand that schedules are a little tight during the holidays, but as our guest we would work entirely around a time of your convenience.

    Should you be interested and available during the holidays we could have a little chat on Skype later on in order to work out all the details together.

    I thank you for your time, look forward to talking to you soon, and wish you all the best.

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