I Love My Secret Santa

At work I’m participating in a Secret Santa week. I’ve been giving and getting gifts every day since Monday, and it’s been great! The organizer had everyone fill out little questionnaires about their likes, dislikes, and Christmas wishes. I got some great snacks yesterday, a pine-scented candle (yay!) Monday, and today, I go these!!!

Yarn! In Oilers colors!

Yarn! In Oilers colors!

In the “I could use more…” section, I put “yarn (Oilers colors preferred)”. And boy did my Secret Santa come through. This yarn is delightfully soft! And that is important and perfect because I have been meaning to make hand warmers (gloves with just one big hole for all the fingers and a small one for the thumb) for use at work. (It gets pretty cold at my desk.) I’ve had hand warmers before that were kinda scratchy, and that’s just no darn fun.

So today’s bit of December glee is brought to you by…well, I don’t know who yet. But one of my coworkers is pretty great. (They all are, really.) Also, it’s been ages since I posted anything about knitting, so I figured it was high time! If I get my booty in gear, there may be future updates as I work on my sporty-crafty-fangirl project.

Go Oilers!

Yes, I Have, in Fact, Been Knitting

Well lookie who’s gotten lazy about blogging!  The truth is I’ve been working on a secret project which I’m very excited about, so that’s been stealing most of my creative energies.  I’ll be able to say more about that soon, and I can’t wait to share!  In the meantime, here’s a quick post about knitting!*

Knitted hat-Kensi

Note that it’s technically on backwards here, with the seam in the front.

Believe it or not, I have been working on my season 18 scarf a bit, but that’s not what I’m here to tell you about today.  My awesome boss** just had an adorable little elf of a baby, and I decided to try my hand at knitting a baby hat!  I’d never done one before, so I spent a good deal of time scouring the web for a free pattern that I didn’t hate and that didn’t require knitting in the round.  I have simply never gotten good at that.

I found a pattern*** which looked easy enough, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  It proved to be as easy as I expected, though it wasn’t really clear on exactly where to stop.  (On the knit row?  The purl row?  In the end, I had a larger bump under the seam than I like, but c’est la vie).  Then I just had to sew up the seam in the back—the most difficult part of which was making myself actually do it.  I had the darn thing completely knitted, sitting there on my coffee table for weeks before I could kick myself in the butt enough to start on the seam.  Of course once I started, I had it done in mere minutes and just had to weave in the ends.

It feels very nice to have completed an entire project, especially with that scarf hanging over my head all the time.  I must work on that more often.




*That sound you hear?  That’s the sound of about 90% of my readers surfing right on to another webpage.  Now it’s just us knitters.  Who needs those other jokers anyway? :)

**No, I’m not just saying she’s awesome ‘cause she’s my boss and she’ll probably read this.  Though I’ll admit performance reviews are coming up soon…  (Hi Amanda!)

***I meant to link to it here, but apparently I never bookmarked it.  Unfortunately, that means I won’t be recreating this hat anytime soon–at least not unless I want to spend a buncha time searching the vast swaths of knitting sites out there on the interwebs.  Boourns.

And One for the Knitters

Booties!!! Now before you jump to any conclusions, let me assure you that I AM NOT PREGGERS.  A good friend of mine (who happens to be the guitarist for Sunspot, an awesome geek-friendly rock band that you should probably check out right now) and his wife are expecting a little girl.  This weekend I attended the baby shower (which was actually just a huge-ass party with tons of friends [of both sexes] and food and booze–my friends know how to do it up right), so for the past couple weeks, I’ve thrown aside the scarf (that I wasn’t working on anyway) in favor of these adorable itty bitty booties.  I’m not a big fan of babies, or of children in general, for that matter, but I think that teeny tiny shoes and booties are some of the cutest objects IN THE WORLD.

And no, I haven’t even been watching any particularly geeky tv while doing it.  I know.  I’m falling down on both halves of the job here.  For shame, E, for shame.

The good news is that this short-term project has rekindled my excitement for knitting, so I expect to get back on that horse very soon.  (And by “horse,” I mean “scarf.”)  These little darlings just flew by.  The best thing about creating something so tiny is that you’re done so soon and you feel like a knitting speed-demon.  This is precisely the opposite of the way you feel when working on a Doctor Who scarf.

For those curious, I used the bootie pattern found in Claire Crompton’s Knitter’s Bible╜.  They’re knitted flat, then seamed up with a mattress stitch.  I regularly use this pattern because I suck at knitting in the round.  I am getting a bit better with the magic loop technique, but not yet good enough to attempt bitty booties.  This pattern has served me well in the past, and for now I’m sticking with it.  My boss also has a bun in the oven, so I’ll be knocking out a few more of these suckers fairly soon.  Though I might also decide to try my hand at an in-the-round pattern if I can find a good one**.

So anyway, I apologies to the few of you non-knitters who are still reading.  I’ll probably get back to proper geek content next time—very likely covering The Mind Of Evil.  Not, as you might expect***, because I simply can’t get enough Pertwee, but because Radio Free Skaro is currently in the midst of doing a commentary on it so I’ll be watching it anyway.  Thus I would like to take this opportunity to say this to the RFS randomizer: You suck.

╜[Editor’s note: I originally cited the wrong knitting book, Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting*, which is what I refer to in my first footnote.  I’m sure that’s a fine book, and my comment about my upcoming birthday stands.]

*In preparing that link, I noticed that there is an updated version that was published last year.  I would like to point out that my birthday is in June.  Just sayin’.

** Suggestions welcome!

***If you don’t know me AT ALL.