Doctor Who: The Empty Child

Looky here, two posts in just a few hours.  It’s a red letter day!  Or something.  Anyway, I’m trucking right along on the scarf.  Finished the mini-stripes and the next full red stripe.  I’m on a bit of a roll!

So.  The Empty Child.  I knew (well, hoped) that I’d like this episode from the moment I saw the title.  It by no means escaped me that it was a nod to the first Doctor Who episode ever, An Unearthly Child.  That’s the Hartnell episode I’ve seen the most times, hands-down.  (As an aside, a Doctor-loving friend and I wrote a radio play for acting class in high school.  The main characters were, naturally, named Ian and Barbara.)  Titular allusion aside, this is a great episode.  Thank you Steven Moffat for another (well, technically, this was his first) creepy, enthralling, and delightful episode of Doctor Who.  Not only does it have the shiver-factor in spades, but we meet dreamy Captain Jack Harkness for the first time.  I tell ya, tv doesn’t get much better than this.

And this is just the first episode of a two-parter.  I am going to force myself to go to bed because I have to get up for work in the morning, but trust that I’d much rather stay up and watch The Doctor Dances.  Sigh.  Instead, I expect that both the dear Doctor and the captivating captain will be dancing through my dreams.