The Sarah Jane Adventures (Or, New Houseguests and Old Doctors)

Ahhhhh.  Another long day!  This time my relaxation show of choice was The Sarah Jane Adventures (specifically, The Mad Woman in the Attic).  My currently-couch-surfing friend C is staying with me for a week, so I had some company while watching a portion of this.  As I watched the first part, he was mostly on the phone.  As he hung up, he just smiled at me, shook his head, and said “I just can’t picture anyone but you guys* watching this kind of thing.  It’s so…British.”

Later he was sitting in the corner, ostensibly reading A Dance with Dragons, but he clearly kept getting sucked into the show.  More than half the times I glanced over, I caught him looking at the TV and not his book.  I don’t blame him.  I really liked this story.  Much of the time I’m rather lukewarm** about this show.  I will happily watch anything with Sarah Jane, but sometimes it’s just a little too cute/childish/pat.  This story however, struck me just right.  And that was even before they alluded to the Doctor returning in the next episode.

Come to think of it, it’s rather odd that I liked this one so much.  It centered around Rani, a character of whom I’m not particularly fond.  I guess I appreciated the entire-episode-as-a-flashback convention.  And I really liked the actress who played Eve.  She was cute as a button and charming to boot.  (Red skin and yarn-like hair notwithstanding.)

As I mentioned, I had company tonight.  Even though he was only half-paying attention, it was lovely having someone to share this with.  At one point in the show, a teen named Sam makes the common error of confusing Frankenstein with his monster.  Luke, of course, calls him on it.  I loved that, and couldn’t help but bust out with a Nelson-from-the-Simpsons laugh at Sam’s expense.  C (who is long-acquainted with my proclivity for pedantry) looked up at me, laughed, and said “you tell ’em!”

C has since scarpered off to play boardgames for the evening, so the rest of my Sarah Jane-ing will be done in solitude.  I couldn’t possibly go to bed now, knowing that David Tennant is in the next story, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.  (Wish I’d have thought of that before I took the melatonin…)  I’m actually a little nervous to watch this next one.  I haven’t seen Tennant as the Doctor since…well, since he was the Doctor.  I wouldn’t say I fall into the category of “Tennant fangirl,” but I did love him as the Doctor.  Now I’m wondering if he’ll live up to my pleasant memories, or if I’ll find that I’m disappointed by his lack of Matt-Smith-ness.  I guess there’s one sure way to find out!  I’ll finish up this entry in about an hour…

Before I go, and lest I forget, yes, I’ve been knitting!  I’m done with the first medium-sized purple stripe, and I’ve moved on to the following orange one.  I really like switching from purple to orange and back.  Or purple to red and back.  For some reason it’s much more satisfying to switch between colors that are substantially different.  Is that weird?

<an hour passes–for me anyway>

I needn’t have worried.  As soon as he (finally) appeared, I got that shivery oh-my-goodness-there’s-the-Doctor feeling I always get after not seeing one of my favorites for a while.  Actually, that feeling started the first time I heard the TARDIS sputterily trying to materialize in the street.  Funny how house keys scraping piano strings can make me go all gooey.***  But yes, I still love Tennant as the Doctor. I’d forgotten just how frenetic he is!  It was almost more than I could take, but it was so nice to see him again (and in something I hadn’t seen before) that I let it slide.  (I still rather detest his allons-y catchphrase though.)

This story was a little too full of technobabble for my taste.  (Is there a better word for that?  It really wasn’t technical enough to be “techno”-babble.)  It moved a little fast, and it seemed like the resolutions all came too quickly and easily.  (No surprise there in a children’s show helmed by Russell T Davies.)  I enjoyed it nonetheless.  The being-trapped-in-a-single-second predicament reminded me of an episode of The New Twilight Zone (A Matter of Minutes) in which a young couple is left behind in time and surrounded by blue men who “built” each moment.  That was always a favorite, so I liked the similarities there.

I was pleased to see Nigel Havers as Sarah Jane’s love interest.  I quite enjoyed him on Manchild, and he’s still looking pretty dreamy.  Also, I’m so glad to have K-9 back!  I effing love K-9!  His voice sounded a bit off, but I know it’s John Leeson, so it doesn’t bother me too much.  And either I got used to it as the story went on, or it started sounding more like the K-9 of old towards the end.  Maybe both.

Unsurprisingly, I got all weepy as the story wrapped up.  When Sarah said goodbye to the Doctor, I couldn’t help but think about how it was, indeed, the last time she saw him wearing that particular face.  And more painfully, how the world itself had to say goodbye to Lis Sladen.  I may have mentioned before how I’d never gotten upset about a celebrity’s death, but when I heard that Sarah Jane was gone, I sobbed like a little girl.  I may not quite be back there now, but the waterworks are definitely underway.  Golly, what a sap I am!

I think it’s high time I took my lachrymose self off to bed.  Sweet dreams all!

*He used the plural to include my entire family.  He’s known us all for years, and we are, every one of us, Doctor Who geeks.

**Pun intended.

***For the record, the Doctor Who theme song has the same effect.  Every.  Time.