My Modern Book Dilemma


(No, those are neither my books nor my e-readers. Much as I might wish for either/both.)

This is a post for my fellow book-nerds. Whether it’s classics or comics or (like me) sci-fi and fantasy, if you have a love of books, you might sympathize with what I’m going through. First, a little context: I’m about to make the largest (physical) move of my life. I’m uprooting myself from Madison, WI, where I’ve lived for 19 years,* and plunging into the frozen reaches of Canada.**

In preparation for this momentous move, I’ve been divesting myself of most of my possessions. If you’re a Verity! listener, you probably already know of my aversion to “stuff.” It’s true, I’ve found much of this process fairly easy. Am I going to need all these kitchen items? Will I ever wear all these clothes again? Do I really need that many glitter lamps?*** The words “ditch it!” have become my catchphrase. Continue reading