I’m Too Tired for a Formal Post

Hi.  So, I knitted.  And I watched Doctor Who.  And The Guild, even.  So technically, by the rules I’ve set for myself, I’m supposed to blog about it.  So here you go.  But I’m really really tired and out of it tonight.  Apologies if it’s a bit stream-of-consciousness.  Also, beware SPOILERS.  I think.

I hadn’t watched The Hungry Earth or Cold Blood since they first aired.  I didn’t have any strong feelings about them at the time, I just enjoyed them for being Doctor Who.  I still do.  Yay!  They really have a classic-Who kinda feel (and not just ’cause the Homo-Reptillians are Silurian cousins), and that’s just peachy by me!  Also, I loved loved LOVED Meera Syal as Nasreen Chaudhry.  (And is that not an awesome character name?)  Easily one of my favorite guest stars in all of new-Who.

I’d forgotten about the bit at the end with the crack and Rory getting shot.  Holy balls, I didn’t see that coming the first time I saw this.  It affected me more this time, I think, having seen how Amy and Rory’s relationship evolves over the rest of the season and much of the next.  Yes.  I got a bit misty.  So sue me.

Oh.  And Matt Smith is amazing.

The Guild was pretty awesome tonight as well.  Felicia Day has done it again.  I won’t spoil that for anyone, but there’s one scene with a cavalcade of fantastic guest cameos.  I think this season is my favorite so far.  I started re-watching season one at Dragon*Con, and it’s clear that the show has come a long way.  It was pretty solid to start with, but now it’s a lot more polished.  (Not to mention the fact that it’s progressed to the point that [INFORMATION REDACTED] and [NAME REMOVED] and [XXXXXXXXXX] and the like drop by for an episode.)

As for the knitting, I got an orange stripe done.  Boom.  After last night’s end-weaving debacle, I wasn’t about to try that again so soon.  One of these days I’ll get back on that horse.  Today is not that day.  Tonight I’m ignoring the horse entirely so I can just go to bed.  Mmm.  Bed.

Consummate Connage

Whoo-wee!  Another long day of conning in the books!  Today I learned that it’s much more fun to attend a con if you have friends along with you.  I got to spend today with my sister, her beau, some old friends, and some new!  I really can’t complain about a doggone thing.

Once again, I eschewed the celebrity meet-and-greet stuff, avoided buying gewgaws, and focused on the panels.  Good call, as far as I’m concerned.  I got to see Julie Benz (who is even prettier in real life), Patrick Stewart (who is surprisingly hilarious), Daniel Stewart (who is Patrick Stewart’s tall son), Chris Hardwick (who moderated the Patrick Stewart & son panel, & whom I was more excited about than Sir Patrick himself), and the Guild panel with Felicia Day (who is charming, always) and Jeff Lewis (who is really funny).

I did walk the floor a bit again today, mostly in support of companions searching for booty.  I witnessed the acquisition of a plush face-hugger, a replica of the chip from Terminator 2, and a large Predator figure.  Also, the super-sweet Alien vs Predator poster pictured above.  I love how the xenomorph is delicately holding the chess piece and the predator is cradling a snifter of…brandy?  Blood?  Transmission fluid?  What do predators drink anyway?  Regardless, did I mention I think it’s super-sweet?

Wow does a full day like that take it out of me though.  I am bone weary and addlepated after two days of this.  I’m not sure I can handle another.  The jury is out on whether I’ll be returning tomorrow.  I would like to catch James Marsters’ Q&A session, but it’s at 11am.  At this point, that sounds unbearably early.  Also, tomorrow is apparently “family day.”  The thought of a con packed with screaming rugrats does nothing to woo me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for indoctrinating the next generation of geeks.  I just don’t wanto participate.  Or even witness it, really.

I may go into more detail later about the panels and such.  But as usual, I make no promises.  Wizard World Chicago ComicCon, you have well and truly kicked my ass.  And I liked it.

Chicago ComicCon: A Nerd’s-Eye View

So.  Many.  Nerds.

That may sound like a condemnation, but I assure you it’s anything but.  If you know me at all, you’ll realize that it means I was thoroughly in my element.  However, despite the fact that I was in my element nerd-wise, most of ComicCon held surprisingly little for me.  I didn’t have a lot of spending money, so the acres of booths of comics and merch held little appeal, except as a sight-seeing destination.

The aisles of celebs signing autographs weren’t any better.  I really hate talking to celebrities.  Nothing against them, mind you.  I just don’t have anything to say to someone I don’t know.  And I feel weird about fawning over someone I don’t know in real life.  I had no interest in getting anything signed, so I basically skipped all that.  I did talk briefly to Kai Owen, and he was charming.  But the only reason I even spoke to him in the first place was to pass on greetings from a twitter friend.

What was much more interesting to me were the couple of panels I checked out today.  Sadly, I missed the Torchwood panel due to a miscommunication, but I did catch Nicholas Brendan and his twin brother talking about Buffy.  That was hilarious.  Later I went to the Rock Jocks panel with Felicia Day.  Wow, “Rock Jocks” is a terrible title for that movie.  I assumed it would be something about musical football players or something (which would suck).  However, after hearing about it and seeing the teaser trailer, I’m super-interested.  They described it as “Clerks in space” or “The Office meets Men in Black.”  Looks great.  Apparently Jason Mewes & Robert Picardo have great chemistry.  I can’t wait to find out for myself.

Overall, I did have a lovely day.  I doubt I’ll make ComicCon a regular stop, but I’m glad I checked it out.  And I’ll be back tomorrow checking out even more panels.  Might even be writing about it for PreternaturalPost.com if I can find something suitably preternatural to focus on.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some pics.  Right now I’m too tuckered out.  Cons require a surprising amount of energy.