London Travel Diary – Day 1

As promised, here’s the first installment of  my travel diary from the UK. It’ll be sparse in places because I didn’t remember to take notes every day, but it should give an idea of what we got up to and how much fun we had!


Day 1: Friday, October 30

Steven and I woke up at a decent hour because our flight didn’t leave until the afternoon. It’s been ages since I haven’t had to get up at stupid’o’clock to get to the airport. We packed up all our stuff to drive to the airport around 11:30am. So civilised!

We recently got NEXUS cards, but we hadn’t done the retina scans yet, so we waited for a while at the enrollment centre office at the airport to have our eyeballs scanned. Our NEXUS enrollment is now complete! (In case you’re not familiar with NEXUS/Global Entry, that means we can bypass the regular customs lines in Canada and the US. We get to use automated kiosks instead because we’re “trusted travellers”.)

Then we immediately got to use our NEXUS cards for the first time. That got us through both security and customs faster! Not all airports have a separate NEXUS line for security, but Edmonton International does! Hooray!

We made a stop at the little news stand where we bought our wedding rings to buy (another) backup ring for me. Yes, I’ve already lost one. Continue reading