Sherlock: A Study in Pink

Oh Benedict Cumberbatch, you are so very very dreamylicious.  If it wasn’t for those blue, blue eyes, I might move to Britain and stalk you properly.  Perhaps I ought to become some sort of Frankensteinesque mad scientist and swap out your eyes for those of Rupert Graves (who plays DI Lestrade).  Perfection.

Seriously though, Mr. Cumberbatch’s pale allure aside, I really enjoyed this episode.  I’ve watched all three installments of Sherlock already, but today I felt “A Study in Pink” merited a re-view.  As it turns out, I was correct.  I suddenly got the knitting bug this afternoon, well after I’d watched “The Girl Who Waited” (the latest episode of Doctor Who–I enjoyed it, by the way), and for some reason, I just wasn’t quite in the mood for any more Who.  Apparently I was in the mood for more Steven Moffat though.  He penned this episode, and did it brilliantly, in my opinion.  (And yes, before you jump down my throat, I know Moffat didn’t write “The Girl Who Waited,” but he’s the showrunner, so his hands were most definitely on it.)

I’ll admit, I know next-to-nothing about the Sherlock Holmes mythos.  He always sort of vaguely interested me as a character, but not enough to actually seek anything out or read any of the novels.  Probably the Holmes-in-pop-culture that stands out most for me is Brent-Spiner-playing-Data-playing-the-great-detective on the holodeck in Star Trek the Next Generation.  (To be honest, it’s actually Daniel Davis’ Moriarty that I remember best from those episodes.)  Anyway, I’m not really in a position to judge as an expert, but I found this show fascinating.  Cumberbatch is delightfully strange and aloof as Holmes, and Martin Freeman (whom I’ve loved in everything in which I’ve seen him) is a fantastically bemused Watson.

So if you’re afraid that lack of knowledge about Holmes in general would be an impediment to enjoying Sherlock, let me put those fears to rest.  It’s a captivating show.  I definitely recommend it.  And I can only assume that knowing more about Holmes would make it better.  Certainly, several of my detective-loving friends have raved about it.  Basically, it’s worth watching.  Full stop.

Ok.  Methinks it’s time for me to get back to knitting.  I may even re-watch the next episode of Sherlock.  Or perhaps I’ll re-watch today’s episode of Doctor Who.  Or maybe I’ll finally watch that Netflix movie I’ve had sitting on my shelf for entirely too long.  Whichever, I’ll be knitting, and I’ll be on my couch, so all in all, ’twill be a lovely Saturday night.  (Hey, don’t judge me.)

Doctor Who: Caves of Androwhiny

Tonight was one of my every-other-Wednesday nights with D, and for our sibling bonding activity, we decided on more Doctor Who.  After enjoying The Three Doctors so much last time, we decided to delve into the realms of the good Doctor once again.  People do rave about The Caves of Androzani, so I thought that might be a good one to do next.  And…well…it was…good.

I’d forgotten just how much I disliked Peri as a companion.  I kinda thought maybe I just had some unpleasant memories that ran away from me, and perhaps people ragging on her had made me think I liked her less than I really do.  Such was not the case.  I simply can’t stand her.  And I don’t like not liking a companion.  I know some lovely people who adore her.  I’m hoping eventually some of that will rub off on me, so I can gain an appreciation for Peri, because at this point, I was rooting for her to bite it instead of the Doctor.

Story-wise, this is definitely a strong episode.  There’s a lot going on–political intrigue and machinations, android spies, lava monsters, gunfights, the list goes on.  (The most exciting moment for me was when I recognized Robert Glenister.  I positively adore him in Hustle, so I spotted him right away here.)  But for all that, I found myself being less than engrossed.  I think one thing that bothers me about this episode is that it’s a little Doctor-lite for my tastes, especially seeing how it’s Davison’s last episode.  I guess I prefer the base-under-siege type stories where the Doctor is in our face pretty much all the time, cracking wise and saving the day.

That being said, I do have to admit that the Doctor had some pretty choice lines in this episode.  I just wish he’d spent more time onscreen with even more of them.  And speaking of good lines, I should probably point out that despite my feelings for Peri, she does utter my favorite Doctor Who quotation of all time (although not in this episode): “Circular logic will only make you dizzy, Doctor.”  (Anyone who has, in the last half-decade or so, entered the ladies’ bathroom at Ella’s Bar in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin the Thursday night before the annual Trivia contest will recognize that line.  I write it on the board there every year.  It’s become a weird, geeky tradition.)

As for knitting, in the immortal words of the Muppets, I’m “movin’ right along.”  I’m done with that big daddy of a red stripe, and tonight I knocked out the little orange one after that.  Here’s a pic of it draped over the best couch in the world.

It’s clear I’m not the most even knitter in the world, but I’m not going to be too picky.  What I am going to be is tired tomorrow if I don’t get myself off to bed.  Nighty night all!

Doctor Who: The Invasion (Half, the Second, Commentary-Style)

Huzzah!  Doctor Who!  Knitting!  Why does it feel like it’s been so long?  Maybe because Chicago ComicCon seemed like it lasted forever (not in a bad way, but it was tiring).  I’ve gotta say, it feels pretty good to be back on my beloved couch, chillin’ with the Doctor, the fellas from Radio Free Skaro, and some yarn.  Speaking of yarn, I’m within spitting distance of finishing off this red stripe.  But no, I’ll not be spitting on the scarf, even to prove that claim.

So I did watch episodes 5-8 of The Invasion sans commentary late last week.  (I was cooking at the time, not knitting, so I didn’t bother with the blogging.)  Overall, I quite enjoyed this story.  It’s not the most gripping ever, but much of it is quite entertaining.  As Steven explained in the commentary (twice, actually), this story wasn’t originally supposed to be an eight-parter.  They padded it quite a bit so that it would fill more time, and that does show.  That didn’t bother me overly much though.  I’m always so happy to be watching Doctor Who that I very nearly don’t care what the characters are doing.  I’m sure I’ll eat those words eventually, but for the moment, I stand by them.

I’m pretty sure that the neighbors that lived on the other side of my paper-thin living room wall have moved out.  That’s probably a good thing, because if they were over there tonight, they’d have had to assume I was being tickle-tortured to death.  Those Radio Free Skaro scamps had me laughing out loud over and over (and over and over) again.  Word of advice: it’s unwise to listen to an uproariously funny commentary just after doing a bunch of crunches.  My stomach muscles are SO SORE now.  At one point, Steven was doing a bit about talking into the microphone, and I couldn’t stop laughing for at least a solid minute, despite the pain.  Damn.  I’m laughing again just thinking about it.  Ow!

So anyway, I recommend The Invasion, particularly if you’re not in the mood for anything too action-packed.  And I highly recommend the commentary (episode 6, especially).  Here are a few more items to look forward to, should you decide to check it out:

  • Seagulls!  I don’t care what anyone says; I like the seagulls, and I shall miss them when Warren moves.
  • “Sewertonomy:”  The philosophical study of sewers.
  • The naming of the fondue robot: “Tubulon.”
  • A justified bleep.
  • Cyber-trivia: Crazy Cybermen settle right down when changing elevation.
  • Near-upskirts.
  • Everyone checking out Zoe’s ass.  Wow, that was blatant!  But can you blame them, really?
  • An eye that’s as lazy as they come.
  • The most iconic television moment of the 60s.  (Er, on Doctor Who.  [See the picture above.])
  • More innuendo and dirty jokes than you can shake a riding crop at.  (And no, they weren’t all Chris–just the basest ones, and thus some of the funniest.)
  • An amount of pedanting at which you could quite successfully shake a riding crop.  (Again, not all Chris, believe it or not.)

I am a wee bit disappointed that this is the last classic commentary from RFS for a while, but I’m desultorily working my way through their back catalog.  There are plenty more commentaries behind them that are ahead of me.  That’ll do.  That’ll do.

Doctor Who: The Invasion (Half, the First)

KNITTING!  Yes.  I’ve been rocking and rolling right along.  I’m now halfway done with the first hugenormous red stripe.  It still feels like there’s a long way to go, but I do feel like I’m making progress, so that’s something.

As for the good Doctor and his adventures, this week brought me the first four episodes of The Invasion, a story I’d never seen before.  The first and fourth episodes are animated (as the footage is sadly long lost), and I’ve gotta say, I really enjoyed the animation.  It’s black and white and sort of flash-animation-looking (although I don’t know if that’s really what it is).  I was afraid it might detract from my enjoyment of the episodes, but on the contrary, it was actually pretty fun.

I’m only halfway in, but I’m enjoying the story thus far.  For as much as I love Troughton, I’ve seen rather few of his stories.  Admittedly, many of them no longer exist, but I haven’t even seen many of those that do.  I really must rectify that.  I’m glad I’m getting a chance to do so now.  As you may have guessed, I chose to watch this particular story ’cause I wanted to watch it with Radio Free Skaro commentary.  That’s also why I stopped after the first four episodes.  The boys won’t be getting to the second half of the story until next week, and I didn’t want to have one of my two precious Netflix disc spots taken up by disc 2 for a whole week while I waited.

For some reason, I’m kinda pooped right now, so I don’t have the energy to go into glorious detail about why I liked these episodes or what delights await you, should you check out the commentary.  Ok, just one: “chocolate fondue fountain.”  That’s all you get.  Now I have to find some food before gaming.  Hmm.  Knitting while watching Doctor Who, then re-watching Doctor Who with commentary (and more knitting), then blogging about it, then going to play D&D?  Do I win some sort of nerd award for that?  I think I should.

Doctor Who: Snakedance (with & w/o Commentary)

I can’t remember the first time I watched Snakedance.  Although I suppose I could say that about any classic Who story.  I started watching in 1982, so most of my introduction to the Doctor came during that murkily-remembered period of early-elementary school.  Snakedance always stood out for me though.  Despite having re-watched Davison’s entire run a couple times in high school, many of his stories have simply eroded from my memory.  Snakedance seems to have stuck.  The ubiquitous snakes, the garish costumes, the brightly-lit marketplace scenes contrasting with the dim cave interiors, the Doctor being trapped in a cage from which he couldn’t escape, the creepy half-naked old guy who (infuriatingly) didn’t speak out loud…  All those things cooperated to keep Snakedance at the forefront of my mind.  Or at least, not in the back with so many of the others.

In re-watching it, I discovered that I still enjoyed all the things I remembered so fondly.  In addition, I noticed that the acting was pretty superb compared to some of the other stories of that era.  Colette O’Neil, who played Tanha, was almost note-perfect as the semi-exasperated but doting mother of Federator-to-be Lon (played by Martin Clunes).  Clunes too, was nearly spot-on as the whiny, sarcastic, overindulged heir.  It would have been so easy for either of them to slide into caricatures of their roles, but they walked that line admirably.  John Carson (as the archaeologist Ambril) tended to teeter a bit more than the other two, but still turned in a solid performance.

I haven’t seen Kinda in many years, and I know lots of folks see it as the superior of the two Mara stories, but I always remember liking Snakedance better.  I should probably check out Kinda again one of these days to see if that still holds true.  For now, I’m just pleased to have re-experienced Snakedance.

I also re-re-watched it with commentary provided by (you guessed it) those Radio Free Skaro rapscallions.  Exceedingly good times, that.  In addition to all the fun, I was reassured on one count.  I hadn’t seen any Davison episodes in nigh-on two decades, and I really hadn’t remembered him being so energetic.  My first viewing this weekend had me thinking the same thing Chris mentioned in the commentary, that Davison was “channeling his future son-in-law” (David Tennant).  I was rather relieved when the boys pointed out that this story was an outlier in terms of Davison’s energy-level.  I’d been doubting my precious mental picture of the fifth Doctor, but apparently my fears were unwarranted.  Character-wise, I suppose it did make sense for him to be so worked up.  He felt it was his own fault that Tegan was still suffering the effects of the Mara’s possession, thus he was extra-motivated to get to the bottom of things and save his irksome/beloved companion.

In addition to assuaging my fears about one of my favorite Doctors, the fellows also entertained me with the following “off-topicery” and “on-topic BS-ing”:

  • Seagulls!
  • Singing!  (Even more than in the last couple episodes—this time ‘round including a rendition of the theme to The Polka Dot Door, which pretty much made my day.)
  • Warren brilliantly describing Chris’ ability to create a “do-it-yourself dirty joke table.”
  • Chris setting up scads of dirty jokes.
  • Steven disappearing for a bit.
  • A Thompson Twin named Miranda.
  • Chris saying “It’s not misogyny, it’s just general sadism.”
  • Discussion of 70s porn guitar.
  • And possibly my favorite moment of all: Chris’ intense reaction to a guard in a really cool helmet.  It was sudden, explosive, totally genuine, and highly amusing.

And lest you think I was slacking in the knitting department, I got oodles done.  Oodles.  I’m now only about 60 rows away from being a quarter of the way finished.  Hrm.  Now that I type that out, it doesn’t seem like so much.  It felt like a lot though.  And at least I’m trucking along!

Knitting-with-commentary pro tip: Start the DVD a wee bit after you start the commentary.  When the commentary is slightly ahead of the action, you’ll be warned when something important happens on screen, and you can look up from your knitting in time to see it.  (Note that this doesn’t apply to “real” knitters who don’t have to look at their knitting most of the time like I do.  So I guess that makes this an “amateur tip” rather than a pro tip.)

The Sarah Jane Adventures (Or, New Houseguests and Old Doctors)

Ahhhhh.  Another long day!  This time my relaxation show of choice was The Sarah Jane Adventures (specifically, The Mad Woman in the Attic).  My currently-couch-surfing friend C is staying with me for a week, so I had some company while watching a portion of this.  As I watched the first part, he was mostly on the phone.  As he hung up, he just smiled at me, shook his head, and said “I just can’t picture anyone but you guys* watching this kind of thing.  It’s so…British.”

Later he was sitting in the corner, ostensibly reading A Dance with Dragons, but he clearly kept getting sucked into the show.  More than half the times I glanced over, I caught him looking at the TV and not his book.  I don’t blame him.  I really liked this story.  Much of the time I’m rather lukewarm** about this show.  I will happily watch anything with Sarah Jane, but sometimes it’s just a little too cute/childish/pat.  This story however, struck me just right.  And that was even before they alluded to the Doctor returning in the next episode.

Come to think of it, it’s rather odd that I liked this one so much.  It centered around Rani, a character of whom I’m not particularly fond.  I guess I appreciated the entire-episode-as-a-flashback convention.  And I really liked the actress who played Eve.  She was cute as a button and charming to boot.  (Red skin and yarn-like hair notwithstanding.)

As I mentioned, I had company tonight.  Even though he was only half-paying attention, it was lovely having someone to share this with.  At one point in the show, a teen named Sam makes the common error of confusing Frankenstein with his monster.  Luke, of course, calls him on it.  I loved that, and couldn’t help but bust out with a Nelson-from-the-Simpsons laugh at Sam’s expense.  C (who is long-acquainted with my proclivity for pedantry) looked up at me, laughed, and said “you tell ’em!”

C has since scarpered off to play boardgames for the evening, so the rest of my Sarah Jane-ing will be done in solitude.  I couldn’t possibly go to bed now, knowing that David Tennant is in the next story, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.  (Wish I’d have thought of that before I took the melatonin…)  I’m actually a little nervous to watch this next one.  I haven’t seen Tennant as the Doctor since…well, since he was the Doctor.  I wouldn’t say I fall into the category of “Tennant fangirl,” but I did love him as the Doctor.  Now I’m wondering if he’ll live up to my pleasant memories, or if I’ll find that I’m disappointed by his lack of Matt-Smith-ness.  I guess there’s one sure way to find out!  I’ll finish up this entry in about an hour…

Before I go, and lest I forget, yes, I’ve been knitting!  I’m done with the first medium-sized purple stripe, and I’ve moved on to the following orange one.  I really like switching from purple to orange and back.  Or purple to red and back.  For some reason it’s much more satisfying to switch between colors that are substantially different.  Is that weird?

<an hour passes–for me anyway>

I needn’t have worried.  As soon as he (finally) appeared, I got that shivery oh-my-goodness-there’s-the-Doctor feeling I always get after not seeing one of my favorites for a while.  Actually, that feeling started the first time I heard the TARDIS sputterily trying to materialize in the street.  Funny how house keys scraping piano strings can make me go all gooey.***  But yes, I still love Tennant as the Doctor. I’d forgotten just how frenetic he is!  It was almost more than I could take, but it was so nice to see him again (and in something I hadn’t seen before) that I let it slide.  (I still rather detest his allons-y catchphrase though.)

This story was a little too full of technobabble for my taste.  (Is there a better word for that?  It really wasn’t technical enough to be “techno”-babble.)  It moved a little fast, and it seemed like the resolutions all came too quickly and easily.  (No surprise there in a children’s show helmed by Russell T Davies.)  I enjoyed it nonetheless.  The being-trapped-in-a-single-second predicament reminded me of an episode of The New Twilight Zone (A Matter of Minutes) in which a young couple is left behind in time and surrounded by blue men who “built” each moment.  That was always a favorite, so I liked the similarities there.

I was pleased to see Nigel Havers as Sarah Jane’s love interest.  I quite enjoyed him on Manchild, and he’s still looking pretty dreamy.  Also, I’m so glad to have K-9 back!  I effing love K-9!  His voice sounded a bit off, but I know it’s John Leeson, so it doesn’t bother me too much.  And either I got used to it as the story went on, or it started sounding more like the K-9 of old towards the end.  Maybe both.

Unsurprisingly, I got all weepy as the story wrapped up.  When Sarah said goodbye to the Doctor, I couldn’t help but think about how it was, indeed, the last time she saw him wearing that particular face.  And more painfully, how the world itself had to say goodbye to Lis Sladen.  I may have mentioned before how I’d never gotten upset about a celebrity’s death, but when I heard that Sarah Jane was gone, I sobbed like a little girl.  I may not quite be back there now, but the waterworks are definitely underway.  Golly, what a sap I am!

I think it’s high time I took my lachrymose self off to bed.  Sweet dreams all!

*He used the plural to include my entire family.  He’s known us all for years, and we are, every one of us, Doctor Who geeks.

**Pun intended.

***For the record, the Doctor Who theme song has the same effect.  Every.  Time.

Doctor Who: 3 Doctors + 3 Goofballs


Note to self: don’t get people to dare you to exercise on days when there’s a chance you’ll get stuck at work for 11 hours.  But hey.  I did it.  Then I decided to treat myself to a repeat viewing of The Three Doctors, this time with commentary by those Radio Free Skaro rogues.  Tomorrow my muscles will be sore from exercising, and my stomach muscles will be extra-sore from laughing.  Truly, the boys were on fire with this one!  I’m not generally a laugh-out-loud type of gal–I do the smile-and-nod thing most of the time.  Tonight however, I’m pretty sure my neighbors must think I’ve gone insane.  Perhaps I’m giddy from fatigue, or perhaps it was the half-glass of wine.  Whatever the reason, I was nigh-guffawing.

Yes.  I even laughed at the Wisconsin joke (while simultaneously rolling my eyes).  “Milk report” indeed.  Sigh.

I’m way too tired to go into much detail.  Instead you get this list: seagulls, sirens, jokes in hilariously poor taste, innuendo, blatant “out-uendo,” Steven humming David Bowie <swoon>, all three fellas quoting Oasis (which reminded me of my sis, so yay!), and many people named Tyler.  Really, watch this episode.  It’s great.  And listen to the commentary.  Also great.  And maybe if you have time, please explain to me exactly what “end of” means.  Or rather, from whence it came.  I grokked the meaning based on context, but the turn of phrase is new to me.  I should be excited about learning a new expression (albeit an obnoxious one), but instead, I’m going to bed.

Oh yeah.  Knitting.  Right.  I did that too.  I was pretty diligent tonight.  Diligent enough that my shoulder is quite sore now.  I’m almost done with the next purple stripe.  Wee!  And stuff.

Sleep.  Now.

Torchwood: Miracle Day (Dead of Knitting)

Ta daa!  Finally, the promised picture.  Still not much, is it?  I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s almost no chance this’ll be done in time for Chicago TARDIS, and that’s a real shame ’cause I’ll probably really want a scarf like this in Chicago in November!  Oh well, that’s not really why I was making it in the first place.  I want it for me, not to show off.  (That part’s just gravy.  Mm.  Gravy.)

So today while knitting I watched the third episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Dead of Night.  I’m not going to say too much about it here.  For one thing, I don’t want to inadvertently provide any spoilers.  For another thing, if you are interested in information about T:MD, there are myriad sources out there–most of which are far more insightful and informed than this little blog.

What I will say is that I’m enjoying the return of Torchwood very much indeed!  I was a fan of the first three series (yes, all three), so I had little doubt that I would enjoy the new stuff.  I was a wee bit nervous about the prospect that it would be too…American, but as it turns out, I’m really liking that aspect.  Watching Rex Matheson cope with travel in the UK and watching Gwen Cooper trying to learn the American dialect has been quite amusing.  And I had no idea lemonade is fizzy in Britain.  That makes it an educational show too, right?

Anyway, if you liked any of the three previous series of Torchwood, I definitely recommend checking out Miracle Day.  It’s a good time.  Also, Captain Jack is still hot as hell.  I figure that’s always worth pointing out.

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (or A Brotherly Blast From the Past)

Holy balls, what a great evening!  It’s my every-other-Wednesday with my brother, and while it’s always a good time, tonight was extra-special.  We usually eat dinner, chat a bit, then watch something on the teevee.  For a while it had been scientific lectures on the nature of the brain and consciousness (fascinating stuff!), but we finished off that series and have moved back into the realm of fiction.  Tonight, I suggested The Three Doctors (mostly so I’ll have it fresher in my mind when the Radio Free Skaro fellas release their commentary next week).  D was all for it.  He’d watched some Hartnell not too long ago, so was in a classic-Doc kinda mood already.  Before we started, we calculated that we’d last watched this episode in the fall of 1994.  And we’d most likely watched it together, so this was a reunion of sorts.

What neither of us had remembered was what a great episode it is!  We were both laughing out loud at the Doctors’ antics.  I’ve always adored Troughton, and watching him bicker with Pertwee sent me into fits of giggles.  I positively loved the writing in this story.  Part of me felt like some of it should have been a little too over-the-top look-how-clever-we’re-being, but none of it actually struck me that way.  Perhaps it would have been different had I been in a different mood.  One line in particular took D and I right back to childhood: Troughton–“Well you’ve been fiddling with it haven’t you?”  Pertwee–“It was perfectly alright until you touched it!”  We figured out that our mom had that sound clip on her computer, and it would play every time something-or-other happened.  That something-or-other must have happened a lot ’cause we both remembered hearing it often!  (I’m betting she had that mapped to an error message.  It would seem to fit.)

I think I mentioned a few posts back that Troughton’s Doctor always seemed more fallible to me than some of his other selves.  This was pretty clearly demonstrated in The Three Doctors.  He blatantly screws up and expects antimatter to behave as matter would.  It led to a lovely moment when D said to the screen “It’s antimatter!”  Echoed closely by Troughton saying the very same thing.

Moments like that remind me how nice it is to watch Doctor Who with company.  I do love the commentaries–they give the illusion of companionship, but it’s not the same as watching with an actual person.  Especially when that person shares the same raised-on-Doctor-Who love that I do.  I was almost giddy with excitement at being able to share the fun.  It really did take me back to 1994, which I will always think of as my “year of Doctor Who.”  I’d just about finished watching all the stories my mom had on VHS (all 100 or so), when D said, hey, I want to start watching (technically, re-watching) those with you!  He tells me I insisted that we backtrack and start with the Tom Baker years.  Apparently I wanted to ensure that the fourth Doctor would be his favorite too.  I admit I do have a vague recollection of this, and it certainly sounds like me!

Now I feel obliged to throw in a brief note on the knitting.  I know I promised a picture, but as I half-expected, I’m too tired and lazy to provide it now.  It’s past my bedtime, after all.  I did get that big old orange stripe done, and I’m well into the next red one.  I made very steady progress this time.  I think it was helpful having someone around who might notice if I started flagging.

So anyway, tonight was a thrill for me (not to mention extra-productive), and I hope there will be more shared Who to come!

Well, you’ve been fiddling with it, haven’t you?
DOCTOR: It was perfectly all right until you touched it.

Doctor Who: More Sea Devils (w/More RFS Commentary, but No Nap)

I am seriously thinking of making myself a dress or shawl or something made out of that sweet Sea Devil mesh fabric (or something similar–assuming I could find anything).  And yes, before your imaginations run away with you, I’d line it with something if I went the dress route.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  (They’re crowding mine.)  Anyway, I’m not talking costume here–just a fashion homage, if you will.

Ok, first off: knitting.  I’m exactly one row away from finishing the orange stripe.  I’ll definitely post a picture next time.*

I have to apologise for my second consecutive sleepy post.  I got 11 hours of sleep last night, and that apparently wasn’t enough.  I was afraid I’d fall asleep while watching, but I shouldn’t have worried.  The lively commentary (plus theremin and slide-whistle) kept me right in it.  Now, however, I’m thinking about napping.  And that would be foolish ’cause it’ll be bedtime soon.  Incidentally, no, I don’t have mono or anything.  I slept so long to make up for my up-until-5am-Friday-night.  That was the fault of a great Sunspot show and the second episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.  (I should know better than to think I can “just watch 10 minutes and then go to sleep.”)

So.  I watched episodes 4, 5, and 6 of The Sea Devils with commentary provided by the fellas from Radio Free Skaro.  Here is a measure of how much I liked it: I recently knocked my Netflix subscription from three discs down to two, and I’ve been missing that third disc.  Even so, I hung on to The Sea Devils disc for over a week so that I’d still have it when the second half of the commentary came out.  That’s how much I enjoy their commentary!

So this time I

  • Learned more about the episode itself and Doctor Who in general.
  • Heard some more crazy iphone-provided “bonus” sound effects, compliments of Steven.
  • Laughed my way through more bawdy digressions.
  • Agreed with Sea Devil fashion critiques.
  • Grinned every time they said what a great year 1977 was.  (It really was; that’s the year I was born.  Star Wars came out just before I did.)

I wouldn’t exactly call The Sea Devils a “romp,” but that moniker could easily be applied to the accompanying RFS commentary.  Well done boys; well done indeed.

I suppose I also ought to mention that this week I listened to the TARDIS Tavern episode covering The Sea Devils.  (That’s episode 12 if you want to go looking for it.)  This was purely coincidental.  I’ve been working my way backward through their catalog, and just happened to light on their Sea Devils episode in between RFS commentary episodes.  How fortuitous!  That was all kinds of fun as well.  I can’t recommend those guys enough either.  My favorite line was when Steve said “If you’re a sandwich, this is not a good story for you.”  I laughed out loud.

I’m too tired to go into detail (and this is getting a bit long), but I was also going to talk a bit about how I’ve been toying with the idea of going to the Gallifrey One convention next February, and how no fewer than seven people have tried to talk me into it this weekend.  My financial-stability-related resolve is crumbling.  I suppose I would have rather a long time to save up for it…  Maybe when I’m wider awake, I’ll have to do some monetary math.

*Disclaimer: I might not actually post a picture next time if I happen to be too tired or lazy to do so.