Doctor Who: The Mind Robber (Episode 2)

The Mind Robber episode 2 - The Doctor & Cardboard Jamie

Oh I am really liking this episode!  Silly children’s riddles?  Dictionaries falling from the sky?  Word-based puzzles?  A forest made up entirely of words and letters?  This is so far up my alley, my alley hurts!  ‘Twas a shame about Jamie getting turned into a cardboard cutout though.  Tough break.  And then his poor face!  Such a pity.

I really recommend The Mind Robber if you haven’t seen it recently.

As far as the knitting goes, this episode gave me just exactly the right amount of time to finish off the last of the mini-stripes I was working on.  Next time, I’ll dig into the second orange stripe.  I’ve got to say, this scarf is coming along more quickly than I’d anticipated.  I hope I’ll continue to have time to work on it.  With spring getting underway and summer around the corner though, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to devote to it.  Things do tend to pick up around this time of year.