My Reaction to the Shootings in Aurora, Colorado

I am just so sad this morning.  So very sad.  We have quite a few mass shootings in the US each year, and it’s not something you get used to (thank goodness).  But this time it’s so much worse for me.  I feel like geeks are my people–all geeks, everywhere.  Internet culture, including Twitter, the Nerdist podcast, and the like, have done a lot to knit the entire world of nerds together into one big, intelligent, quirky, sometimes-cantankerous, awesome family.  So when the shooting takes place at a screening of one of the biggest geek-films of the year, and it’s carried out by someone who may have (as early reports seem to indicate) known the film well enough to emulate it, it hits closer to home in a way that’s more real for me than mere physical distance.

I hate the thought that that kind of sickness and pain exists in my “family.”  And that one individual’s sickness and pain has led to the suffering and anguish of so many more.

I am heartbroken.

My thoughts and prayers and wishes and everything else go out to each and every individual involved–wherever in the world they may be.