Gally 2016, Wrap-Up: Observations

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The leave-taking on Monday morning was as wistful and melancholy as ever. It’s hard saying goodbye to friends knowing I’m not gonna see them for a whole year. At least the trip home was smooth and trouble-free, and I had lots of warm memories to combat the cold in Edmonton. Happily, we didn’t even have to clear any snow off the car in the airport parking lot.

Gally 2016 Sally in parking lot

I’ve spent some time thinking about this year’s Gally, not just the events, but some of the things I noticed about myself and others. Things I liked, and things I didn’t. I want to cover a couple of them here.

Come Together, Right Now, Oh Gally

One of my favorite things to see at conventions is people who kinda know each other (or only know each other online) getting to meet and spend time together. This is especially great when they get along as well (or better) in person as they do online. This happens left and right at Gally, but a few instances stood out to me in particular. Continue reading

Cool People Doing Cool Things

Okay so my last post gave me the opportunity to write about my friend Sean’s awesome new business, Murder for Hire. And that was fun. I like talking about the awesome stuff my friends are doing. That got me thinking about some of the other nifty things my friends are doing. I have a really creative and motivated circle of friends!

So I decided I’d collect some of them and share them with the world.* I like highlighting interesting projects. Especially when they’re being created by my friends!** So without further preamble, here are some cool people doing cool things!


Cool People: Lynne and Michael Thomas

Continue reading

The Matrix – An ‘Incomparable’ Film

Hey guys! I was on a podcast! … No, not that one. I’m always on that one, so that’s not news. A different one! Bunches of you are probably familiar with The Incomparable podcast, hosted by the inestimable Jason Snell. Well, it’s that one! In fact, it’s this episode, in which we discuss The Matrix in all its late-90s glory! If you haven’t heard of The Incomparable, it’s a geeky podcast devoted to all sorts of things that are quite likely relevant to your interests, so you should check it out.

This post is a companion piece to that podcast ep. If you think I’ve missed something really important about The Matrix here, it may be because I already covered it in the podcast or perhaps one of my lovely co-hosts did. And it’s your own fault for not having listened to it already. So you should probably do that first. Just saying.


The first time I saw The Matrix, I had no idea what it was about. My then-roommate Jeff and I went to see it because we had nothing better to do. We got there late and had to sit in one of those seats that don’t even exist in modern theaters. *adjusts position on rocking chair* You see, kids, there used to be a few seats on the floor (with no stadium seating or cushy seats) that were WAY off to the side so you were looking at the screen from a 38 degree angle (or so). Yeah. That’s where we were. Second row, farthest to the right. Leagues away from the ideal movie-watching experience.

After about a minute and a half, I forgot where I was. It didn’t matter where I was sitting or what crazy angle my neck was craned. I was 100% enveloped in The Matrix. As soon as the film ended, Jeff and I looked at each other and said “We need to see this again. … In better seats.”

And we did.

And then I did. Again. Many, many more times. Continue reading