Doctor Who: 3 Doctors + 3 Goofballs


Note to self: don’t get people to dare you to exercise on days when there’s a chance you’ll get stuck at work for 11 hours.  But hey.  I did it.  Then I decided to treat myself to a repeat viewing of The Three Doctors, this time with commentary by those Radio Free Skaro rogues.  Tomorrow my muscles will be sore from exercising, and my stomach muscles will be extra-sore from laughing.  Truly, the boys were on fire with this one!  I’m not generally a laugh-out-loud type of gal–I do the smile-and-nod thing most of the time.  Tonight however, I’m pretty sure my neighbors must think I’ve gone insane.  Perhaps I’m giddy from fatigue, or perhaps it was the half-glass of wine.  Whatever the reason, I was nigh-guffawing.

Yes.  I even laughed at the Wisconsin joke (while simultaneously rolling my eyes).  “Milk report” indeed.  Sigh.

I’m way too tired to go into much detail.  Instead you get this list: seagulls, sirens, jokes in hilariously poor taste, innuendo, blatant “out-uendo,” Steven humming David Bowie <swoon>, all three fellas quoting Oasis (which reminded me of my sis, so yay!), and many people named Tyler.  Really, watch this episode.  It’s great.  And listen to the commentary.  Also great.  And maybe if you have time, please explain to me exactly what “end of” means.  Or rather, from whence it came.  I grokked the meaning based on context, but the turn of phrase is new to me.  I should be excited about learning a new expression (albeit an obnoxious one), but instead, I’m going to bed.

Oh yeah.  Knitting.  Right.  I did that too.  I was pretty diligent tonight.  Diligent enough that my shoulder is quite sore now.  I’m almost done with the next purple stripe.  Wee!  And stuff.

Sleep.  Now.

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (or A Brotherly Blast From the Past)

Holy balls, what a great evening!  It’s my every-other-Wednesday with my brother, and while it’s always a good time, tonight was extra-special.  We usually eat dinner, chat a bit, then watch something on the teevee.  For a while it had been scientific lectures on the nature of the brain and consciousness (fascinating stuff!), but we finished off that series and have moved back into the realm of fiction.  Tonight, I suggested The Three Doctors (mostly so I’ll have it fresher in my mind when the Radio Free Skaro fellas release their commentary next week).  D was all for it.  He’d watched some Hartnell not too long ago, so was in a classic-Doc kinda mood already.  Before we started, we calculated that we’d last watched this episode in the fall of 1994.  And we’d most likely watched it together, so this was a reunion of sorts.

What neither of us had remembered was what a great episode it is!  We were both laughing out loud at the Doctors’ antics.  I’ve always adored Troughton, and watching him bicker with Pertwee sent me into fits of giggles.  I positively loved the writing in this story.  Part of me felt like some of it should have been a little too over-the-top look-how-clever-we’re-being, but none of it actually struck me that way.  Perhaps it would have been different had I been in a different mood.  One line in particular took D and I right back to childhood: Troughton–“Well you’ve been fiddling with it haven’t you?”  Pertwee–“It was perfectly alright until you touched it!”  We figured out that our mom had that sound clip on her computer, and it would play every time something-or-other happened.  That something-or-other must have happened a lot ’cause we both remembered hearing it often!  (I’m betting she had that mapped to an error message.  It would seem to fit.)

I think I mentioned a few posts back that Troughton’s Doctor always seemed more fallible to me than some of his other selves.  This was pretty clearly demonstrated in The Three Doctors.  He blatantly screws up and expects antimatter to behave as matter would.  It led to a lovely moment when D said to the screen “It’s antimatter!”  Echoed closely by Troughton saying the very same thing.

Moments like that remind me how nice it is to watch Doctor Who with company.  I do love the commentaries–they give the illusion of companionship, but it’s not the same as watching with an actual person.  Especially when that person shares the same raised-on-Doctor-Who love that I do.  I was almost giddy with excitement at being able to share the fun.  It really did take me back to 1994, which I will always think of as my “year of Doctor Who.”  I’d just about finished watching all the stories my mom had on VHS (all 100 or so), when D said, hey, I want to start watching (technically, re-watching) those with you!  He tells me I insisted that we backtrack and start with the Tom Baker years.  Apparently I wanted to ensure that the fourth Doctor would be his favorite too.  I admit I do have a vague recollection of this, and it certainly sounds like me!

Now I feel obliged to throw in a brief note on the knitting.  I know I promised a picture, but as I half-expected, I’m too tired and lazy to provide it now.  It’s past my bedtime, after all.  I did get that big old orange stripe done, and I’m well into the next red one.  I made very steady progress this time.  I think it was helpful having someone around who might notice if I started flagging.

So anyway, tonight was a thrill for me (not to mention extra-productive), and I hope there will be more shared Who to come!

Well, you’ve been fiddling with it, haven’t you?
DOCTOR: It was perfectly all right until you touched it.

Doctor Who: The Time Meddler (Parts1 & 2), or “Drinking with the Doctor”

I can’t even remember the last time I watched a William Hartnell episode of Doctor Who.  It was probably that summer in high school after my long-term boyfriend dumped me and I consoled myself by watching ~100 episodes of Doctor Who in one summer.  Man that was a good summer.  (It was also an awful summer, but I choose to focus on the good–which was, primarily, the Doctor.)

Anyhow, I decided to watch this particular episode ’cause I have it on good authority that the boys from Tardis Tavern will be reviewing this in their next episode.  I just recently discovered their podcast, and I’m positively loving it!  Thus far, I’ve heard them review episodes I saw long ago or ones I’ve never seen, so I thought it would be a novel idea to watch an episode so I’ll remember it freshly while I listen to Sean and Steve opine over pints.

The “over pints” part is particularly apt with this episode ’cause it’s one of the rare instances I ever remember the Doctor drinking alcohol.  He shares a horn of mead with a lovely Saxon lass.  I clearly remember Matt Smith spitting out wine in Impossible Astronaut, but that’s the only other imbibing I remember off the top of my head.  There’s probably more.  It’s been a while since I was watching classic episodes regularly.  (Heck, that’s one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place–to get myself back into it!)

So.  Parts one and two of The Time Meddler are actually quite good.  I don’t remember liking Hartnell so much.  In this episode, he’s more the kindly-old-grandfather than the crotchety-old-man that I remember from watching back in the day.  Either my memory isn’t that great (probable) or he acts differently in different episodes (also probable).

Other items to note: Steven is kind of a babe.  I certainly didn’t remember that.  Pleasant surprise!  (Vicki is also cute as a button, to be sure.)  The acting in this is better than I remembered for this era too.  The costumes of the Saxons, however, are a bit much.  I understand they’d be dirty in 1066, but their faces are a bit over-smudged, to my mind.

Sadly, I don’t have time for the other two parts–I must be off to gaming.  Role playing waits for no man!  (Or girl-geek.)  Actually, that’s not true.  I think they’d wait for me.  But best to be polite and not make them do so.

My parting advice to you, check out The Time Meddler–it’s a goodie!  Then check out the Tardis Tavern podcast.  You can thank me later.